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Pulled over with a grinder, what do i do?
last night i was driving home when an officer pulled me over and everything seemed to be going ok, until he pulled me out and asked me of there was anything in the car, to which i initially said no to. He looked at me and said that my eyes were very red and again asked if there was anything in the car, to which i told him that there was a grinder next to the seat. so he searched the car and found only that, and instead of arresting me directly gave me a non-traffic complaint and notice to appear in court. what do i do? do i need an attorney? i'm over the age of 18, but still young and have no clue what to do
Your best option at this point would be to consult with a local criminal attorney for advice and to discuss your legal...
I have Ohio license and was charged with DUI by mchenry county sheriff.
Suv was in grass on side of the road at 5am . AAA roadside service came to tow car. Officer arrived same time. Officer told me to do breath alizer and DUI test. I refused got arrested for DUI. Officer Told AAA to impound vehicle. Haven't had court yet . Need a lawyer and help. Live in Ohio have court in McHenry county.
You need a lawyer who practices in McHenry County. Try clicking on the Find a Lawyer tab at the top of this page. You...
Court ordered drivers abstract?
In 1999 after the new dui laws, i got a dui and don't remember if it was a conviction. Had another in 2002, then one more dui in 2005 and wondering if the abstract shows the number of total dui's i have?
A court purposes driving abstract will show every conviction, any supervisions in the last few years, and any DUI...
Was arrested for DUI two months ago.
Secretary of State has no Notice of Summary Suspension. They tell me I can legally drive until if/when they receive suspension notice. What could have happened to it?
Most likely the arresting officer has either not completed it yet or has not sent it in. It is also possible that they...
In illinois,if my dui is down graded to a reckless,will the six month suspension go away
I did get a letter in the mail,but I think dui will be down graded to a reckless,does that make the summary of suspension recind
No. The Statutory Summary Suspension is a separate matter and is not automatically rescinded, even if the criminal...
How do i get my license back or get a hardship or a breathalizer in the car so i can get a decent job
Have had 4 DUI's and my license is suspended. My last DUI was in 2009 but last year I was pulled over for driving on a suspended license and did time because of my previous DUI felonies. How do I get my license back or get a hardship or a breathalizer so I can get permission to drive to and from work. I am trying to repair my mistakes and just have no clue where to begin
You could have a hearing with the Secretary of State to request a Restricted Driving Permit. With four DUIs in your...
Why is the initial charge still on my record?
I was arrested for DUI in 2011. I received a charge reduction to reckless driving and 1-year court supervision. My lawyer told me that the court supervision would keep the charge off my record. So why is it that I still see the initial DUI charge on my record more than 4 years later?
Where do you see your record? Some lawyers have a bad habit of saying "off your record," when they mean to say you will...