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Can a DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case?
I got arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and unfortunately consented to a blood test. The arrest was made because the officer thought I had been drinking but that is not the case. I am pretty sure they will find no alcohol in my blood sample. However, I think my impairment was the result of a prescription drug I took for anxiety. I had not taken it in a while so the effects were more pronounced than usual. I think that the blood test may reveal that I took the pill earlier in the day (5 hours prior to the arrest). Can the DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case? I ask because the arrest paperwork I got focuses only on blood alcohol content rather than something more generic such as DWI and/or DUI. I did not mention or disclose at any moment I had taken the anxiety medication.
There are no DUIs in Texas. DWIs encompass all intoxicatingly elements beyond alcohol such as prescription drugs and...
Charged with Evading and DWI in Texas.
I have been offered a Plea Bargain. The DA will lower to a State Jail Felony and I spend 30 days in Jail and Probation etc. , with Deferred Adjudication. But, I must plead guilty to DWI. My career could be at risk. I read that in other states if you were so drunk while driving that you did not realize that you were being pursued, you cannot be convicted of the offense. That was my circumstance. Although you cannot be charged with this offense if you were so intoxicated that you could not form the intent to evade, but will be charged with DWI. Well, I'm going to be charged anyway if I take Plea, AND have to have the Class A Misdemeanor of "Attempting to Evade" & punishments & consequences that go along with it. So is being intoxicated Valid Defense in the state of TX ?
If you are at this stage in your case, you must have an attorney and that person is the best position to advise you on...
DWI probation violation
I blew dirty into my breathalyzer last month. My PO says he wants to handle it administratively instead of prosecution. He called me randomly today to come meet with a counselor tomorrow. I fear they will give me a EGT test...which I would fail. Is it better to let him issue a probation violation so i can be represented by a lawyer or fail a EGT test and give them more evidence. Any advice is appreciated.....BTW I know I made a dumb mistake and have been beating my self up about it
Your situation depends on several things. It you have had several probation violations in the past and you flunk your...
Ambien DUI Defense
Full summary and research available.
You didn't ask a question you should hire a lawyer.
What are my chances of no prison on a child endangerment while driving/cops added DUI. I've never been in trouble before
I had my three kids with me and had a seizure at the wheel. My arresting officers included in report I was on drugs. I did admit to doing Meth the day before. I have had 2 pnc's first offer was prison now the second is a year in rehab and 4 years probation on top of several classes. I dont know what to do don't I still get one more offer. No drugs were on me or in my vehicle. I admitted to using the drug. I know it doesn't matter but I smoked very very little I felt very normal I had slept all that rest of the night and ate. I have been having black outs/seizure since my young teen yrs I'm now 30. I am currently involved in a child protective case and I do classes regularly for almost everything random drug testing. I really don't wanna have to leave town and be apart from my kids.
While I believe that I understand what you are asking, the terms you are using are not the ones used in Texas law. It...
Is it legal for a police officer to report DWI to a university?
My boyfriend was recently dismissed from his medical school based on a tip from someone reporting his DWI. Upon reviewing the DWI video, the officer clearly tells my boyfriend that he is going to personally call his medical school and tell them about it because he was being uncooperative with a blood draw. His medical school sat on this information and then blindsided him 8 months later as a reason for dismissal. They even alluded to having knowledge about things that happened in the hospital based on what the officer told them. Are events that happened in the ER considered health protected information? Does this apply to police officers? My boyfriend has not been convicted of anything at this point. It's a shame for him to be 250 k in the hole when he has since dealt with his addiction
You may be asking the wrong people about your boyfriends case. It may fall under a civil action for defamation or a...
What is a reasonable time frame to expect blood draw results to be revealed by the prosecution?
Arrest and blood draw were performed after a DWI on 9/112/2015 in Bryan, Texas. As of this date, no Information has been filed and the suspect is approaching graduation from college next month with the potential of employment in another state. He is on bond without supervision and the ALR hearing has yet to even occur. We've hired a former prosecutor for representation who's familiar with the local courts and thus far, has suggested that dragging this on is beneficial somehow. The pending charge has my son literally frozen as to what his future holds with this hanging over his head. Suggestions? ??? As a side note, my son was raised by 2 parents in law enforcement for over 30 years each so needless to say, this has been very difficult on our family as a whole.
It could take 6 months for DPS to return results. If negative, the State may send it back for a second round (THC,...