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  • Horse Shooting Investigation

    Wednesday Aug 10 | via KAUZ 

    Three horses in Texoma - one just a colt - are shot and killed on private land in Woodson and a family wants justice. The O'Dell family believes at least one person shot their beloved horses in their pasture sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.


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Woodson Law

Why wasn't my license taken after DWI?
I blew over a .08 in Texas, but when I was bailed out, they gave me back my license and didn't give me a temporary license. Do I need to tell DPS or someone about this?
Your licence isn't suspended until the 40 day. If you request a hearing within 15 days you are entitled to a hearing...
How do I deal with a dui in Florida while on parole in Texas?
I have been on parole in texas and have 11 more years to go. I went to Florida and got a dui while there. I served 3 mo. and went before the judge and then Texas came to transport me back.My parole violation is taken care of and I am no longer in jail. My drivers L. was suspended for 6 mo wichh should be over. They say I owe a fine, shouldn't I get some off the fine for time served? And how do I deal with the year probation and community service in Florida if I can't leave Texas. I really need my drivers l. to work. sincerley very confused
FL does not give credit against fines for time served. You must pay your fines or they will be sent to collections and...
I got 3 dui's which is a felony can i have it expunged or defferd.
I'm on probation for 5 yrs I'll be done this Oct. The felony is affecting my job can I have it expunged or defferd after I'm done with probation.
No. No. No. And, forever, the answer is NO. Unfortunately, DWI is one of the ONLY things that you cannot get...
What should I do if I got a DWI but I have never had to pay surcharges?
I received my DWI in 2013 in Texas where I live but my drivers license is from Louisiana and I never had it changed to Texas. I have yet to pay any surcharges. What should I do?
I am not licensed in either state, but in general I would advise seeing a local DWI attorney to clear the matter up and...
Are there any travel restrictions to Guatemala or Nicaragua with a DWI or DUI?
As I understand it, Canada has some super strict rules on travel after a conviction for DWI or DUI. I'm wondering if there are any issues with travel to Guatemala or Nicaragua after a conviction? My significant other has to travel there this year and next for work. We have the final court date today for conviction and we can ask our lawyer then, but I'm looking for a quick answer beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You will face trouble if you leave the country before a verdict is handed down. That is probably the most obvious...
How do I get a open carry permit to carry a gun with a dwi charge
I have a first time dwi charge and would like a permit to a open carry lic.
To carry in Texas, you must (among other things): Be a legal resident of Texas for the preceding 6 months; Be 21...
I am moving to texas in 4 months, I have 2 DUI's and have not finished my courses. What can I do to acquire one in TX?
I am currently a California resident, I have been a California resident all my life (30 years) I received a DUI in 2010 and 2011. I had started an 18 month program but was having financial issues and had to drop out. California has become so expensive that I am forced to move, and Austin, TX is where I am relocating. What am I going to have to do, to acquire my DL when I move there in 4 months?
I strongly recommend you speak with a traffic ticket attorney about this issue. You may have to address your California...