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I'm representing myself in a DUI case I received a notice of endorsement for Witness from the da how do I request an endorsement
I'm representing myself in a DUI case and I want to know how to request an endorsement of witness
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Do i really need a lawyer for a DUI in Colorado?
my daughter received a DUI outside of Denver CO and is trying to decide if she needs to hire a lawyer or not. she has never had any offenses or tickets (no speeding tickets, no seat belt tickets, etc) she moved from Virginia to the Denver area in early April 2017 so she is there alone with no family and I really don't have the money to help her with the expenses right now.
For so many reasons, yes, your daughter should not face a DUI charge alone. Perhaps she qualifies for a public defender....
How does it work with a repeated offender (dui) driving under restraint , drunk , and on probation ?
Relative was in a recent accident , hitting a tree .hospital took blood, and she was indeed intoxivated . She had a revoked license & on probation w/multiple DUI's. She wasn't ticketed or arrested yet, and feels like she is not going to have consequences ? She never had an officer contact her about this or her PO, and I believe this is her 5th dui?
She's in serious trouble, and while you may not know it, she likely does, or will very soon. A call to the court in the...
What am I looking at with a second dui and dwai ticket also revoked license careless driving and expired tags?
In facing these charges after I was ran off the road and I hit my head on windshield.and that's how they found me.I don't remember what happened.
You should consult a DUI defense attorney for a more detailed review of your case and potential outcomes. Be aware...
Arrested for second DUI. Is there anything I can do before court to better demonstrate remorse?
Recently arrested for second DUI. Are there any steps such as classes, treatment, etc. I can preemptively take that might better demonstrate remorse before I go to court? There wasn't an accident or anything, I just got pulled over for weaving. I'm really scared that I'm going to get a bunch of straight jail time because the second DUI arrest happened only a couple months shy of five years from the first one. Do I have any good or even reasonably good options?
Yes, there is a lot you could be doing. For starters, you could enroll in alcohol education (which you will probably...
Can I travel for vacation to Australia with a dui Charge?
According to my FBI fingerprint clearance, I have only been charged with a DUI two years ago but was never convicted. Can I go to Australia on vacation?
You should be able to, since never convicted, but I would first check with the Australian consulate nearest to you as...
How long would it take for a woman, 125 pounds and 65 years old having one glass of wine not toI show up on a urine test.?
I had a domestic violence charge and not charged for any alcohol consumption, I have to go to DV classes plus UA tests. Is this fair? I mean on the UA tests
Somewhere between 80 and 130 hours after drinking.