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1st time DUI, on vacation in WA from Canada. I'm canadian. Am i going to jail? what happens to my canadian license?
Officer gave me the license back with out punching. Did two breathe test and got .117 and .116. Should I apply hearing request to DMV even tho I have canadian license? What should I expect on the court day?
You should get help from a Washington DUI/DUI lawyer as well as counsel from your home province in Canada, ASAP. DUI/...
Will I have to do the class right away? Will I be taken in to custody right after court?
I was charged with a dui, first offense. I have court in a couple days. My public offender said ill have to do a 24 hour class. I was reading online and came across sating I would be eligible for a defferd prosecution. I feel my attorney didnt even fight for me
Even though you may be eligible for a deferred prosecution, that program is not recommended for first time offenders...
Can i get Deferment or a diversion program for first offense DUI
I was driving on a suspended licence when i got pulled over and eventually was arrested for DUI and driving while suspended in the 3rd degree. I will be paying my previous fines off (why i was suspended in the first place) so i can have my licence back when i go to court for my new charges. This is my first offense related to alcohol. or ever going to jail. I blew a 116 at the time of arrest and then a 114 when i got in the jail
A DUI arrest with a blow over .08 triggers an automatic administrative ninety day suspension, above and beyond your...
I got my first Dui with 3 counts of reckless endangerment. No past record. What are possible things that could happen? Thank You
My children were with me, got a warrant to draw my blood..then let me go tiil a date.
There isn't enough room here and I don't have enough time to explain all the possible things that could happen with...
Yesterday I was arrested for a dui and 3 counts of reckless endangerment.(9A.36.050) what kind of charges am I facing?
They took me in and had court ordered for a blood sample. Then let me go, they will be notifying me a court date.
It is tough to say without knowing the blood sample results or reading the police report. Be patient.
Does the restriction period for installing an Ignition Interlock Device begin on the date of eligibility or installation?
Convicted of a DUI in WA while living in Oregon in 2011. Notice of Suspension from WA Dept. of Licensing says eligible for license on 3/11/12, and must provide proof of installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) at least until 3/11/13, and process a declaration from the vendor showing 4 months of compliance. My attorney said I was ok to drive in Oregon (and I had no IID Driver's License requirement imposed). Recently I had to file for a replacement OR DL and found there was still a hold in Washington. Questions: Do I still need to install the IID, or can I just call to have the block removed? If I do need to install the IID, can I take it off after 4 months compliance since it is now well past the 3/11/13 date in the letter, or do I have to leave it on for a full year?
In order to get your license reinstated, you will need to install the ignition interlock. You will need to show at...
WA DOL still suspended My license after I complied with their requirements?
I was in a car accident. I had no insurance. I've been working w/ the other party's insurance company. They are not seeking money yet, claim is still open. I get a Notice of License Suspension from the DOL. The ins company did not request this. DOL said it was from the other party and they didn't disclose an ins company was handling the case and it appears as though they're trying to double collect from me. DOL said to have the ins company submit a letter stating they are handling the claim, claim still open and they will collect from me after the claim is settled. Insurance company submitted the letter to DOL. I called DOL to verify they rec'd letter. They stated yes, I'm clear, my license is not scheduled to be suspended. Checked DOL website, license suspended any way? What do I do now?
Was this in regard to a DUI? If so, you have 20 days from the date of the arrest to challenge the automatic suspension....