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Should I rebook my flight to avoid Canada because of a DUI I got in 2006.
I was convicted of a DUI 6 years ago, and recently booked a trip to Europe and have a layover in Ontario, Canada. Just realizing now...that Canada considers DUI's as criminal offenses and may not let me in country even for a layover? Is that true and what are the odds they will not let me continue on connecting flight which has a 3 hour layover in Ontario, Canada?
Cananda is very strict indeed, but it's not clear how they would treat a layover,. Maybe you should contact the TSA or...
I had a DUI 20 months ago. How soon can it be expunged from my driving record ?
I had a DUI in August 2013. When can it be expunged from my driving record?
Never. You cannot "expunge" anything from your DMV driving history.
The Public Defender was able to negotiate a wet wreckless plea.
I was given 3 year probation and 3 months of DUI classes. It was in LA County. 1) Do I need to get an IID device? 2) Can I travel to Canada for business? 3) Can I get this expunged after or before my probation ends.
You should address these questions to the attorney that handled you case (and got you a pretty damned good result by...
I am required to turn myself in to serve 137 days for a 3rd DUI on March 3 (Monday) but I was wondering if I surrender on Friday
The 28th instead, would it make a difference ? I asked my PD, he said I can go to court in the morning and ask to surrender early and they may allow me to do it. I'm just wondering if it helps to go in Friday or Monday to Lynwood women's jail. And does anyone know the percentage of time usually served or does it not matter since it's 137 days
The amount of time changes daily according to the overcrowding. Since you are going to a woman's facility going in on...
Do I need an attorney for DUI if breathalyzer test was .07/.06?
Hi I was pulled over two weeks ago for swerving slightly on the freeway. They did a sobriety test and I thought I did fine.. However when they did the breathalyzer on the scene it didn't work and they arrested me and took me to the station. About half an hour later they did breathalyzer in station and it was .07/.06 . They kept me in jail for 24 hours because system was down and they weren't able to check my background.. Now my question is do I need a lawyer?! Can I still get a DUI?! Even if the breathalyzer was under the legal limit? I have a clean record. My court date is in two weeks and I keep getting diff advice.. Can I wait till after my arraignment date to get a lawyer?
Two answers. No, you don't need one right away (for the arraignment) as the court will give you more time to hire one....
1st DUI, haven't completed anything since the first court date. Second one coming up. What is going to happen?
I got a DUI for the 1st time this past August. My 1st court date was towards the end of October. I was put on informal probation, ordered to go to 3 AA class's a week until signing up for an alcohol program, which I was supposed to do by 11/20/2012, and sign up for 13 days community service ( I have until November to complete this). I haven't done any of the above, and my 2nd court date is coming up. I haven't been able to sign up for community service, the alcohol program, or the waiting list to go to the county morgue, due to lack of funds. I've been juggling school, trying to find a job, going through psychiatric medications, and withdrawal symptoms/allergic reactions etc. What am I to expect?
Somehow, find a way to get as much done as you can prior to your next court date. Then, when in court, ask the judge...
I have a restitution hearing in 2 weeks. What are my options? What will happen ? California LA county.
"DUI Accident" no injuries misd. Got it down to Wet Reckless. 3 mo. Alcohol program. 3 years probation. Law enforcement states my BAC was .09 according to breathalyzer. I requested a blood test and after a month, the DMV contacted me that they'll be taking no action because my BAC was .07. "Confusing" I hired a lawyer and this is what he gets me. Probation conditions: Pay fine and fees of total $1,200. Pay restitution to the other car. My liability covers up to $10,000 and was disputed which means its more than 10k. I currently have an immigration case coming up this year. I was originally on F1 student visa and got out of status but Im still legal in the country. Im not allowed to work in the US I simply can't pay anything. What might the judge order? What should I say?
Do you still have your lawyer representing you? This is stuff you could be asking him/her.