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Can a person fight a car insurance company that does not cover a on car accident/dui?
Can my daughter fight her insurance company that does not cover dui collisions. We were not aware that there was exlusions on our policy. We have full coverage and thought full coverage is Full Coverage. The representative we spoke to said to look at our policy packet. Well the packet we have doesn't state any exclusions. The rep thinks the agent gave us an old policy packet. She said she would call the agent to see if they mailed us or gave us an updated one. She said depending on the agents answer will determine their decision. I feel that the insurance company is going to do everything in there power not to pay. Chp breathalized my daughter 3 times, why? they did an eye test on her and she past. she only had 1 1/2 of a drink was approx 11:30pm accident was at 2:59am.
Yes, insurance companies will do everything in their power to not pay. By statute in some states, the insurance...
I got a dui in 2010, is there a way to just get it dropped?
I have one vehicle which my better half uses and do not want to have her having to blow in a breathalyzer every 30 minutes
Yes with the express permission and motion to dismiss by the prosecuting Attorney.
Can I get convicted of a DUI if I have not signed paperwork??
Ok, so I was recently pulled over because supposedly my tail lights were out. When the officer pulled me over, he asked me if I had been drinking. He performed the field sobriety test, and I passed it, but they still decided to take me to the substation. When I got there, the officer badgered me into trying to admit that I had been drinking. They did not hold me, instead they gave me a paper with a court date. I went to the court date, and the clerk said that the officer messed up the paperwork. Ever since I left, the officer has been calling me asking me to go sign some paperwork (which I haven't). He gave me his personal number and has been calling me asking me to meet up somewhere. If that paperwork has not been signed can I still get convicted? What can I do? He never gave me a ticket, it was just a paper, and it didn't even have my blood alcohol content on it.
This is a very strange situation you're in. You have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney. I suggest...
How many feet or yards does an escape route have to be before a dui check point can be legal?
Around 1976 dui check points started and a lot of those diu,s had been overturned around 1977 it was unconstitutional , And in order to continue with dui check points they had to make an escape route to make it legal,
It's not really a question of distance. Police can get around the "escape route" requirement by locating the...
So if you drive without and interlock device installed and get caught and have to go to court for it?
Basically what I'm asking is if you get caught driving without and interlock installed and have to go to court does the conviction depend on what the judge want to give you as your punishment it doesn't automatically mean jail? Can you do other programs to avoid jail?
If the interlock device is a term and condition that is a part of your probation, and you violate that term and...
Second dui....my fiance is in process of completibg alcohol prgm from aug 18 2016...yesterday he got a second.
Is he going to jail on court day .. Im a u.scitizen and we plan to marry and file immigration for him ..whats next .can he avoid jail time this time...he fidnt go to jail detention i picked him up police called .this happened last night.
An attorney can appear on his behalf and given the situation the fact that he was still on probation and this is a...
Is he going toi jail on court date??
My fiance is in the process completing the alcohol program. But yesterday he drank one beer. 1.09 alcohol...Got stopped cause he hit otger car minor. I picked him up officer calked me. Didnt go to jail. May 9 next court day. I am u.scitizen ..was planning to get marry n filefor immigration for him.. Whatscoming next ...without going to jail time. His work etc..
What you are describing it sounds like a second DUI and a probation violation which would absolutely put them in...