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I was parked at a public parking lot and the cop took me out and i was charge with second Dui is there a chance to win this case
I had a first dui over 6 year and my secon one now . I was parked at a public parking lot it was cold so i had the car on to use the heater. I had called my mother but the police didnt ask and you told me to step out of the car .
Yes, possibly, but you're going to have to hire an attorney to fight on your behalf.
What are the statue of limitations on alcohol related charges in Denver, CO.?
Was charges with a DUI and never went to court.
First you need to ask an Attorney in Denver this question. But the statute of limitations does not run/expire because...
What does it mean when it's this discovery was withdrawn in a DWI case
I got arrested for DWI in 2014 and I'm going to trial I looked online and it said discovery withdrawn
It means somebody filed a motion for discovery, but it was withdrawn.
Is it legal to be underage drinking and not caught in the act of drinking but only blowing a .012 in a breathalyzer?
While leaving a party that was busted by the police a cop stopped me when I was leaving and told me to blow on a breathalyzer, I told him I hadn't been drinking. I actually had been but had only had one beer. I blew a .012 and apparently the legal limit is .015. When the officer who was filling out my paperwork he asked how much i blew to the officer that breathlyzed he said a .015 which I remember not being true at all.
Underage drinking is not legal. If your only defense is that the number the officer said you blew is inaccurate (i.e....
I have a Florida license and was cited for refusal and dui in Virginia. Which is a better plea, take the refusal or the dui?
I was stopped in Virginia and cited for dui and refusal. If they drop the DUI but convict on a refusal, it that a better situation than the reverse, drop the refusal and convict on dui? I want the best to keep my license as much in tact in Florida as possible. Thanks.
Prosecutors do not normally offer to drop the DWI in exchange for a refusal plea. That only happens when you have a...
Will a court appointed attorney be able to provide me with what I need?
Money is pretty tight. I was arrested for my first DWI, I blew .21. Since I blew a high BAC Will a court appointed attorney be able to get me out of jail time? And be able to reduce my sentence ?
It depends. Just like private attorneys, public defenders are a mixed bag. Most of them are among the best and most...
Duid charge questions about my sickly father. what should the next step be?
My father was driving back from work around 2am; he pulled over the car on the side of the road because he was not feeling well. He has an extensive history regarding his health which includes hearth attacks and cancer. He took half of an oxycodone, which is prescribed to him, five hours before. While resting on the side of the road, my father left the car running so he could have the heat running. An officer came and had him do the walk straight ling test, now my father just woke up and was already having pain. The officer arrested him but he was let go at the police office and was given a court date.
Many are surprised that one can be convicted of DUI even when stopped and sleeping in a car on the side of the road....