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Can I be convicted of a Dui if I was in the back seat when the police pulled over?
My friends and I were coming back from a party when his car's clutch burned out, making my friend have to pull over. There were 5 people in the car, all under age and all intoxicated. The person on the steering wheel and the passenger both have suspended licenses and I was sitting in the back when police arrived. The officers said that they were firstly trying to assist us with the broken down car but once they smelled alcohol they made more investigations. The two people in the front had their license suspended and therefore agreed to say someone else was driving. They told the officers that I was the one who had been driving so the officers made me step out of the car and perform sobriety tests. They said my BAC was really high and arrested me and took me to the police station. There I was processed and charged with DUI. This, my question is whether the officers have enough evidence to charge/ convict me of this DUI. What are my chances of fighting it? Also is there anyway that I won't face a drivers license suspension?
They had enough to charge. But the question is there enough to convict. What will the other people in the car testify...
Husband was arrested for dwi 1st offence and class 5 felony hit and run. Does this call for jail time?
Husband was arrested for dwi first offense and class five felony hit and run. Hit car was totaled and we don't know if anybody else was hurt. He has a court date next month. Is there a possibility he goes to jail?
Yes. The court is very reluctant to be lenient especially if people are hurt. He needs the best local attorney you...
I had a dui driver license suspension in CA. if the suspension period is over in ca and I moved to va can I get a va license
Suspension was for 6 months and I never renewed or requested restricted license because I didn't have a car.
Sure you can get a virginia license. However, I have seen this happen before, where virginia upon hearing of the out...
How will a past DUI affect my chances of getting a teaching job in Virginia?
It was over 7 years ago.
A DUI is not a categorical bar to becoming a teacher, but it is a factor the school district may consider in reviewing...
I have a friend who just received there 4th dwi. Their 3rd was in 2004 more then ten years ago. What are they facing?
They also are charged with licensed revoked (dwi/mansl): dr w/o lic and dwi mansl What does this mean?
This is a very serious situation. Based on what I see your friend is charged with dwi manslaughter and their charges...
What does it mean when it's this discovery was withdrawn in a DWI case
I got arrested for DWI in 2014 and I'm going to trial I looked online and it said discovery withdrawn
It means somebody filed a motion for discovery, but it was withdrawn.
What are the statue of limitations on alcohol related charges in Denver, CO.?
Was charges with a DUI and never went to court.
First you need to ask an Attorney in Denver this question. But the statute of limitations does not run/expire because...