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Will I be charged with DUI?
Drove after drinking and hit something like a guard. Was checked out by police but not charged or cited. License wasn't taken away. Went to the hospital and was checked for injury. Was released an hour later. This was four days ago and I still haven't heard anything about a possible arrest or DUI. What is the likelihood I will be charged? (First time offender with no prior convictions for anything.)
If the police suspect you were under the influence then they will apply to a Judge for a search warrant to obtain a...
What are the consequences of a delinquent or unpaid noncompliance fine in Connecticut if the vehicle under suspension was sold?
In September of 2016 my registration was suspended and I was fined 200.00 for noncompliance. The insurance company informed dmv the cancellation date was ten days earlier than I had been told. I was promised a brief grace period. My registration was suspended in 2014 also for noncompliance. I was at fault and paid the fine. I did not receive notice of the fine, but was aware of suspension. I sold the vehicle due to lack of finances to reinstate registration. I have not received further notice from dmv, but confirmed by checking online website that it is eight months delinquent. I am unable to enter into a consent agreement and pay presently due to lack of income including other factors. Will dmv possibly suspend my license? Or what potential actions might they take? Will I be notified prior to any taken? Are any options available?
Do yourself a favor and resolve it as it will follow you forever. And if you do want to get another car and properly...
Can an employer legally keep me out of work and make me take drug tests to be cleared after 2 non-work or criminal incidences?
I was given the ultimatum to either sign into a 0 tolerance program or be reported a state review board, so I elected the 0 tolerance program since I was caught off guard and had no time to process anything. The First of the two events was when I was home alone one night and was feeling depressed, I took to much Benadryl to sleep and was taken to the hospital for an overdose, there was no alcohol involved. Second I just started taking new antidepressants and anxiety medicine. I went out to have a couple glasses of wine with a friend and became extremely intoxicated and very upset. I ended up so upset that I took a large dose of my anxiety medicine and was taken to the hospital again and my BAC was extremely high even though I only had 3 drinks. These events occurred less than a month apart. I was hospitalized for about a week each time in an inpatient behavioral health unit. The program my employer is making me take is for substance abuse to be cleared to return to work. My short term disability has run out and I am now living on my savings. I live by myself and have rent, utilities, car, and other bills and can't do this much longer. Any advice will help!
Connecticut is an"At Will" state and while I do not practice in the area of Employment Law, I believe your employer has...
What are the consequences ?
I am charged of driving under alcohol and expired driving licenses and no registration of DMV but I have the last one what are the consequences and what I need to do my court date is tmorow at derby CT
Ask for a continuance to hire an attorney, it sounds like you are going to need one.
How can I get my DUI case dismissed if I wasn't driving.
I was in a car accident while I was incredibly drunk. I don't remember everything that happened, but I told the trooper I was driving when I was in fact not driving. My friend is willing to talk to whoever he needs to to rectify the situation. The troopers dash cam was not operational. We went to trooper station # 1 in Bethany to make a statement. He told the officer he was driving, but refused to divulge any self incriminating information. The trooper then told us to leave. I am very scared and don't know what to do because I can not afford a lawyer.
Do you qualify for a Public Defender? If you do they are lawyers, and many as good as private counsel. Go to the PD's...
Why you get to go to jail just becauce your lucense is suspended?
My son got a dui for the first time.he's working on firxing his license .but two weeks ago he need to get to work he drive his car.hand got pull over.now hi went to court they want to give himjail time.he knows ge did it wrong and now his about to loise his job and apt
Because driving with a suspended license is against the law. Consequences of driving against a DUI suspension can...
If you get a DUI but haven't gone to court yet will it show up on your record?
My friend got a dui and we are all supposed to go to Canada in a week. If he isn't going to court until after the Canadian trip will it show up on his record when we try to go through customs? We are aware you can't get into Canada with a dui.
It depends wether the Clerk of the Court has received the paper work from the police yet. It may very well appear with...