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Arrested for marijuana possession in NH need help ASAP
I was pulled over for having my high beams on as I was driving my friends car he said he smelled marijuana I claimed I didn't know because it wasent my car. He got my friend to give him a ash tray in the back that had a very little roach and a grinder with little res in it. Because I was the driver he arrested me With possession of drugs and a class b misdemeanor. Because i was so cooperative he said he would write something down so it didn't screw with me financial aid. And gettin a lawyer isn't a option I don't have the money what should i do plead. I got stuck in a unlucky situation
Ask for a public defender.
I missed my court date for dui. I was out on bail, now what?
I thought the date was aug 18 but it was aug 8. what should i do?
The court likely issued a warrant for your failure to appear on the 8th. The good part is this is not the end of the...
What other mop programs are there in n.h.?
ive got to spend my 3 days in jail and then go to a mop. if they cannot accomidate me there what other approved programs are there
If you are being ordered to jail for 3 days and MOP then you are dealing with a DWI2nd or aggravated. In either event...
I'd I fwt pulled over what do I do
If I get pulled over for speeding or a burned out taillight how do I prevent a sobriety test from happeninv
Short answer is do not appear as if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don't speed, and keep your car in...
What happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spr
what happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spray just before getting pulled over, then what happens next and the breathaltyizer.
You are asking a hypothetical question. I suggest you do not drink and drive then you won't have to worry about it.
Will I be drug tested, in New Hampshire, while taking a court ordered alcohol program?
I was arrested for transporting a few months ago but it was basically a misunderstanding so I just have to take the ASAP program class. I was wondering if I would be drug tested even though it was an alcohol related charge? I signed a consent form for the class but it only says something about refraining from the use of illicit drugs and alcohol but nothing about being tested for anything. Would they have the right to drug test me when I go to the class? I just want to emphasize that it was only an alcohol related charge so I don't think they would be able to drug test me for drugs?
usually you are tested for everything. Check the conditions of your sentence to see what you can and cannot do.
I received 3 dui's in VT, last in 2009. I live in NH now and would like my license but can't commute to VT, how can I do it?
Between 2005-2009 I stupidly recieved 3 dui's index VT. A public defender advised me to plea guilty for all, and I've done my time and would like my license back. VT dmv instructed me I must go through project crash to do so, but I cannot commute to VT to do any of it. Is there a way to transfer it to NH and go through what I must to get my license? I've finished all of my legal obligations to VT in February 2012. I've been told he process of getting my license can take up to another 2 years. I want this all behind me and move on with my life. It's tough because I live in NH but have Vermont legal problems and can't travel due to no license. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
Since VT suspended your driving privileges, you are bound by VT's rules for reinstatement. Speak to a local...