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Should I withdraw my plea?
My lawyer refused to mention in court that the trooper lied in his report saying he noticed me driving on the highway swerving in my lane when really he was sitting in town outside a bar I was at and followed me for several miles before he pulled me over, I have a witness to back it up. MT highway patrol is supposed to stick to highways and roads unless local law enforcement requests help, which I'm guessing is why he lied. My lawyer also said he thought the prosecution might amend the ticket to per se so they wouldn't have to show impairment but he didn't know for sure, i plead guilty based mainly on these two reasons. Should I withdraw my plea?
You should talk to your own lawyer about this. The one who already knows all the facts. So your own witness would be...
Got in trouble for a fake ID at a bar. The ID had my name and photo on it. I have a clean record. Wondering what to expect.
College student in trouble for having a fake ID. No MIP charge. Again nothing on my record. Im pretty terrified and I cannot afford a lawyer. I figured it was best to just plead guilty because I have no wiggle room (the cops took my fake ID). Wondering what I should expect as punishment, and if I have to pay the fine upfront. Thanks a bunch
I'm not from your state, but generally they just take the ID and be done with it. I doubt they would use their...
What is the difference of DUI versus DUI Per Se
My husband was arrested for DUI. I received paper work from the County Attorney (Helena, Mt.) and it says: PLEA Offer: Dismiss DUI: DUI Per Se - $1000-400 + S/C, 180 days S/S, Pfl + C/W (?), no b/c/a/d, probationary license
DUI per se means he had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. That's all they have to prove. Don't have to prove...
How do I change my plea from 'not guilty' to 'guilty' in Lewis and Clark County (Helena, Montana) ?
1st DUI charge
Are you represented? If you don't have an attorney, even for a first DUI you qualify for a public defender. My...
I didn't get a DUI but judgeissued interlock device on all cars in household, can they do this even thoughI did nothing?
My husband got his second DUI, we have two cars and he is the co signer on both. The courts said we have to put an interlock on both, we can't take his name off the title and we can't sell either car or we will be in violation. I have to drive clients around in my car and it is incredibly embarrassing to have an interlock in because it makes me look like the criminal. Also, I can't afford to pay for both of these devices, is there a way to only have it on his car that he drives and not mine? Or be able to sell a car?
I want to answer your question, but I need a little more information first. When you say your husband got a second DUI,...
Can i still get a cdl after a dui per se conviction
1st time offense
Call the DMV and ask that question directly to whomever you speak to. My answer is possibly, but it depends on the age...
Can we sue a person who hit us under influence
we were on a vacation . The driver who hit us was under influence. But he was not arrested but were given only tickets.He was uninsured.How can we proceed with this
Contact an attorney who handles person injury law in that state. Even if the person did not have insurance, your...