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  • Police: Man arrested after boat propeller hits cousi...

    Monday Jul 4 | via Foster's Daily Democrat 

    A Massachusetts man suffered a serious leg injury and his cousin was arrested for suspected boating while intoxicated after a boating accident Sunday on Baxter Lake. Brian McComiskey, 38, of Woburn, Mass., was water skiing when his leg was struck by a powerboat propeller, according to a statement released by New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol.


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  • Stoneham man faces charges for shooting and killing ...

    Wednesday Jun 29 | via Boston.com 

    With his childhood friend mortally wounded, Patrick Riccardi-O'Connor allegedly misled arriving Stoneham police, telling them that firefighter David Atherton had shot himself with the pistol on the floor next to his motionless body, according to a police report. But when Riccardi-O'Connor was questioned later at police headquarters, he allegedly admitted he was the one who shot Atherton believing the gun was not loaded while they were both drinking alcohol, the report said.


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Woburn Law

Can they find me guilty of OUI if they have just a witness and my statement as a evidence?
I was involved in a single accident (hitting a tree)...they did not do any sobriety test and nothing in the hospital...they have just a witness saying that I was speeding and driving very strange (seems to be impaired)...My case was not dropped at the hearing, because at some point the police said a smell alcohol and my statement was That I had something to drink (few drinks)...but at the same time I was recovering from a big impact in my head AND I was trying to figure it out what happened...so I barely remember what i said and so far I'm in pre- trial and they don't have nothing else and I have the report from the hospital saying no impairment noted...
You should contact a local defense attorney about taking this to trial. There a technicalities that must be followed to...
How do I resolve bench warrant?
Last May I got pulled over for looking at my cell phone while waiting at a light. When police ran my plates they discovered my car was uninsured and therefore my registration had been revoked.(without my knowledge). My car was towed and I was given ticket. I had recently switched insurance companies and there was a mix up over timing of new policy etc.... Easy solution to fix. Recently after getting ticket I had a family emergency and moved back to CT. I was there for several months helping out and forgot about ticket. Recently found out there is warrant out for not showing up to court (I did not receive summons). I want to clear it up right away but am scared about going to jail. I'm also planning on leaving country in next few weeks on as a volunteer for an organization with my school. I need to get it cleared before leaving asci don't want any problems at airport. Can I show up at court, pay fines and get warrant resolved? Do I need to go with a lawyer??
Your best bet is to retain a criminal law attorney tomorrow. That's not a lot of time.
After my probation is over, will it show on background check?
I was pulled over for marked lane violation. I volunteered for sobriety test, which I marginally failed. Then I was arrested by state police and taken to police station. There I took breathalyzer test and results were 0.13. This was my first time being charged with anything. I am debating if I should go to trial or take a plea. If as a first offender I take the plea (24D program) what impact will that have.
It depends what you mean by background check. Even if you are acquitted, the entry 'admin per se" will always appear on...
Can I get this DUI off of my driving record? Expunged? How can I get this driving job?
I received a DUI about 6 years ago. Due to me being young and nervous I did the breathalyzer at the station. This resulted in my lawyer getting me a continuance without a finding. I did everything that I needed complete in a timely fashion, since then I have not been in trouble for anything (or before that). Literally just this DUI. Recently I came across a driving job that I wanted and needed. Then the DUI popped its head up since its on my driving record.
It will never come off your driving record.
See above , I am trying to fight an OUI case
If I was not informed that I could obtain an attorney before providing a field sobriety test and breathelizer , can that help in my defense ?
Possibly. If you have a lawyer, you should speak to him or her about this. If you don't have a lawyer then you should...
How do I get my insurance to see i was not gulity vs guilty, Change records to not show me as a felon, get my CDL back somehow?
In 2000 arrested for DUI, resulted in CWOF. Then in 2014 arrested for DUI, found not guilty but lost my CDL for 10yrs to life, insurance $$$ - chg me as if i was guilty and considered a FELON now. Lawyer said CDL loss is nothing he can change, the commonwealth considers this 2 DUI's so loss of CDL (Megan's law). But 1st was CWOF, 2nd not guilty?? Been to a couple attorneys and they say they cant do anything??? But then I have heard from others that someone who had 3 DUI's still had their CDL. How is this?? Also need to get my records to not show me as a felon? Spent alot of $$$ with alot of promises to get this taken care of but it remains the same. My CDL was my livelihood and now havent worked in years.
From your information, you are definitely NOT a "felon", unless there are other guilty findings on your record in Mass....
Does a dui show up on a quary and if so how long does it stay on there?
Does a dui show up on a quarry?
Like all criminal offenses, OUI's show up on CORI records once a person is arraigned in court.