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  • Nine men arrested in Burlington in prostitution stin...

    Sunday Nov 22 | via MassLive.com 

    Despite warning the public of upcoming prostitution stings, police arrested nine men Friday night for soliciting sex for a fee, including one who attempted to recruit an undercover female officer to work as a prostitute for him. The sting, similar to those in years past, targeted potential customers for prostitutes and was done to drive crimes away from Burlington, Police Chief Michael R. Kent said.


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  • Woburn Man Among 9 Arrested in Burlington Prostituti...

    Sunday Nov 22 | via Patch.com 

    Nine local men, including a Woburn resident, were arrested Sunday for running a prostitution ring in Burlington, according to police. "We will do these operations until nobody shows up to be arrested," said Detective James Tigges, who helped execute the successful sting last week.


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  • Second Suspect in Wilmington Manhunt Arrested in Woburn

    Saturday Nov 21 | via Patch.com 

    The second suspect who led Wilmington Police on a chase through a local neighborhood on Wednesday night has been arrested. After an investigation, arrest warrants were obtained by the Wilmington Police Department at Woburn District Court for Kassan Germain, age 24 of 59R Water Street in Woburn for carrying a firearm without a license, receiving stolen motor vehicle, and resisting arrest.


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  • Suspect in Worcester armory theft arrested in N.Y.

    Thursday Nov 19 | via Boston.com 

    A man facing child rape charges in Middlesex County is in custody for breaking into an armory in Worcester last weekend and stealing 16 military-grade weapons, federal officials said Thursday. The suspect was identified as James Walker Morales.


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  • Football Milestone, Ex-Senator Under Fire, Car Blaze...

    Wednesday Nov 11 | via Patch.com 

    Michael Hinds of Norton allegedly said, "I smashed into someone. It's not like I killed anyone," as he was being arrested a fatal car crash.


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  • Lean on me: Girl, 11, with genetic condition which l...

    Tuesday Nov 10 | via Daily Mail 

    PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Inside Donald Trump's $100 million penthouse: Gold-rimmed cups, a toy personalized Mercedes for his 10-year-old son, a $15,000 book and some VERY risque statues Grand jury indicts 21-year-old in stabbing death of the psychiatrist who had him committed to a mental institution Did cops shoot dead six-year-old autistic boy in a grudge over a WOMAN? New police probe as it emerges one of the cops was messaging and visiting the boy's step-mom at home 'Where am I, where am I?': Last words of Nick Cave's son Arthur, 15, before he fell 60ft to his death from a cliff after 'freaking out' when he took LSD, inquest hears 'One of the quickest ways to get rid of the homeless is not to give': Bill Bratton tells New Yorkers to stop handing over change to beggars The 20 hacks EVERY pet owner needs to know: From using parsley to cure dog breath to removing claw marks and stopping barking ... (more)


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  • Woburn Man Charged With Possession of Fentanyl, Oxyc...

    Oct 27, 2015 | via Patch.com 

    Starling Guerrero had more than 2,500 grams of fentanyl, 900 pills, two guns and more than $73,000 in cash, according to AG Maura Healey. A Woburn man has been indicted on a slew of charges stemming from a major drug operation in which authorities seized more than 2,500 grams of fentanyl, more than 900 pills, two guns and more than $73,000 in cash, Attorney General Maura Healey announced Tuesday.


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  • Girls in Car Charged With Heroin, Crack; Man Steals ...

    Oct 4, 2015 | via Patch.com 

    Police responded to Wiltshire Road for past larceny of a license plate. The victim reported that sometime in the morning someone stole his license plate off his 2012 black Dodge Ram truck.


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Woburn Law

DUI case
Can you expunge a " Not Guilty" finding by a judge in a OUI case in regards to your CORI report. It shows on my CORI as Not Guilty however I am in the medical field and think that this will indeed effect my chances of employment. Any legal advice would be greatly appreciated!
Typically if you have no other convictions ever, then you might be able to expunge this not guilty verdict. You really...
My second dui was treated as a first one. is there a chance to avoid the Interlock Device or at least reduce the 2 years time?
I'm about to reinstate my driver license in Ma. I was guided wrongfully and I plead guilty. In my case there were no intoxication level, because i was taken to the hospital and in the hospital they never took any example. I don't know if this matter now because I did everything that the court ask me. But now that I'm going to apply to reinstate my driver license can my case help me to avoid the INTERLOCK DEVICE? THANKS.
Unfortunately, no. The facts of your case should have been addressed while the case was active at court. The RMV does...
Can they find me guilty of OUI if they have just a witness and my statement as a evidence?
I was involved in a single accident (hitting a tree)...they did not do any sobriety test and nothing in the hospital...they have just a witness saying that I was speeding and driving very strange (seems to be impaired)...My case was not dropped at the hearing, because at some point the police said a smell alcohol and my statement was That I had something to drink (few drinks)...but at the same time I was recovering from a big impact in my head AND I was trying to figure it out what happened...so I barely remember what i said and so far I'm in pre- trial and they don't have nothing else and I have the report from the hospital saying no impairment noted...
You should contact a local defense attorney about taking this to trial. There a technicalities that must be followed to...
Should I pursue a lawsuit against a 22 year old female that hit my car while drunk driving and uninsured?
9/26/15 - 22 yr old female hits my car while parked in my drive way. She fled the scene and hit 5 other cars close by. Got the police report on 9/28/2015 and the notes showed she was driving intoxicated and hit 5 cars and 1 of those cars hit another. So in total 7 cars were damaged. I missed two days of work, my husband missed 5 days due to this accident. I was charged late fees for child care as we didn't have money to pay for it because my husband missed work. She was uninsured so her company could not provide a rental car & I spent a total of 3 weeks with no car. Now my 2015 Nissan Altima is repaired, but it no longer has the value as it should have at this point. It's also a lease, so if I get it evaluated by the dealer & something is wrong, it's going to come out of my pocket.
If you believe she has some money or assets you could get, then it may be worth it, but suing poor people is generally...
Can I file a motion to terminate my DUI probation on my own? OR do I need a representative?
I want to file a motion with the court to terminate my probation, my lawyer who did not win the case is asking for more money which I cannot afford, can I file such motion myself?
Terminating your probation early? Once the "end date" is reached the probation terminates by operation of the terms of...
In 2003 I had my drivers license suspended for 10 years for motor vehicle homicide, while driving drunk and negligently.
I tried to get my drivers license back in 2012 and had a hearing at the Board of Appeals. The BOA upheld the RMV's decision to keep my license suspension in effect. Are there any other avenues for me to take to try to get my drivers license suspension rescinded? I need to drive to support my family. I have been without my drivers license since 2003. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Why isn't your suspension over now? I am missing something because the ten years should have expired two years ago. I...
I had a dui 7 years ago in Bangor Maine but I lived in mass. I am trying to get a cdl license , what are my chances ?
It was my only dui that I had on my record and it's 7 years ago.
I believe you have a good chance of getting a CDL. However, it is my understanding that if you get another DUI or even...