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I have 2nd dui
It's 2nd dui , I was in my mobile home park at the time , I do not remember any of it but I hit a tree and 2 mobile homes no one got hurt and light damage to the 2 mobile homes plus they had to put in a new electric box meter
Without knowing more information, I cannot adequately answer your question. I'm not exactly sure what your question is,...
I belive i have a warrent out for my arrest on a dui charge, should i turn myself in immeadiatly?
i dont know if i have a warrent out but i belive so, will i be serving full time if i turn myself in on the warrent. from a dui i got 6 months ago. missed a court date 5 days ago
If you have a lawyer, call him about this. The police are going to be looking for you so don't delay unless you know...
I was pulled over for a dui and I was wondering if I will go to jail?
Hello I was pulled over for dui and I blew a .15 I was taken to jail for the night and now out on bond for $100. It is my first offense I am about graduate college early and I have never been involved with the law my entire life. I'm so scared to go back to jail ever again. Would it help my situation if I started to go to AA meetings and alcohol and driving classes before I even go to court? I want to be as pro active as I can so any help would be amazing
That may help, depending on a variety of factors, and whether there was an accident involved, and whether any one was...
Can a male jams worker watch you while your taking your etg as a female?
I just switched to another jams location and at my previous location if there was no female the male would let me close the door. I went to the new location and there was a male and female, the male offered to take me back and watch while I tested and the female said she would. I felt very uncomfortable to say the least. A friend told me he has done this before to his friend. Is it legal for him to force me to test in front of him if there's no female? I'm afraid he will fail me if I say no.
You can report your concerns to the district court probation supervisor before such a situation occurs. If it does it...
My daughter got an oui, hasn't gone to court, but got her licence back in the mail, is this normal?
Is it typical that she did not have to be bailed out? Also the ticket has the completely wrong car, plate and VIN #, can this change anything?
It sounds like she needs to speak with an attorney right away. It is unusual to have the photo license (unclipped)...
How can we prove that smart start mobile home device gave false information to probation officer
My son is 17 and has a mobile device for in home breath test and was ordered to blow twice a day and did blow twice a day and passed every time the only thing was he had to blow a few times over cause of face detection but usually the third time he passed
I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Has he been violated by the probation department? Has In-Hom given an...
Can you get a dui for having illegal prescription drug in system without taking them the day of?
The short answer is yes. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of certain types of prescription...