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DUI Arrest for someone calling the police on driver
I was stopped by the police because someone (they gave their name) said they witnessed me driving erratically. The police report never states that they the police witnessed me driving erratically and only followed me half a block.
It will depend on what the police officer witnessed you doing. He would be within his rights to follow you or to look...
I belive i have a warrent out for my arrest on a dui charge, should i turn myself in immeadiatly?
i dont know if i have a warrent out but i belive so, will i be serving full time if i turn myself in on the warrent. from a dui i got 6 months ago. missed a court date 5 days ago
If you have a lawyer, call him about this. The police are going to be looking for you so don't delay unless you know...
incident was march 9, 2015, I had a suspended license. I also crashed my vehicle. I was detained for 72 hours then released with my license and a temporary driving permit.
A simple internet search indicates that the SOL is 6 years. You have actually asked the wrong question. Go see a local...
Jail time for OWI in Troy, Mi?
I was involved in a car accident in Troy, Mi. I was charged with OWI (BAC .15). At my arraignment I was released on a personal bond, and scheduled for the RESULTS program. I had a prior DUI in Mt. Pleasant, Mi about 14 years ago. My pre trial is set in about two weeks. I'm aware of fines, programs, and license restrictions. My question and concern is on jail time. As if I'm ordered to serve substantial time, it would have major implications on my employment status. Will I have any chance of not getting jail time, or possibly a suspended sentence?
Depending on the judge and other factors, you could definitely be looking at jail time. A suspended sentence is not...
Can I get charged with an OWI if the cops never pulled me over?
Was on my way home when some lady started riding our bumper we brake checked her a couple times but she kept at it we went to go make a left turn and she pulled in front of our car almost causing an accident and started screaming at us about a brake light going out while cursing we pulled into a friends drive way to inspect the car when all the sudden the lady pulled in behind us screaming at us saying shes calling her friends that are cops. I was out side of the car when the cops showed up and they immediately started asking questions about drinking that's when they made me blow and arrested me for owi.
Yes you can be. And you were. Even if you had a loophole (doesn't appear you do) you could at least be charged with...
I am looking to get my license back in Michigan after losing it to a DUI 7 1/2 years ago when I was 21.
I finished all my requirements for my 2 year probation including all payments during that time. I don't drink and I don't do drugs but I also don't attend AA. Being a student in debt, and a mother to one I can't afford a lawyer to represent me. I live out of state, I have the paperwork to fill out and send back to them but I will not have attended AA since the required 2 years mean they won't take my sobriety seriously? Is there a way to get advice on how to write a professional letter to the judge?
There is some serious confusion going on here and you need to get some direction. If your license was revoked by the...
I wasn't giving a ticket for drunk driving but he took my license and jailed, reported to secretary of state for refusal blow
can they still charge me for drunk driving 2, and for refusal to blow but they took blood, they told my friends that they were releasing without bail, but now my license is suspended and my plate is taken. I was giving my rights or a tickett
Absolutely. In fact it is normal for blood draw cases for them to charge you much later, often times several months....