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DUI Arrest for someone calling the police on driver
I was stopped by the police because someone (they gave their name) said they witnessed me driving erratically. The police report never states that they the police witnessed me driving erratically and only followed me half a block.
It will depend on what the police officer witnessed you doing. He would be within his rights to follow you or to look...
I belive i have a warrent out for my arrest on a dui charge, should i turn myself in immeadiatly?
i dont know if i have a warrent out but i belive so, will i be serving full time if i turn myself in on the warrent. from a dui i got 6 months ago. missed a court date 5 days ago
If you have a lawyer, call him about this. The police are going to be looking for you so don't delay unless you know...
Can you have a DUI expunged from your record In Michigan?
1st Offense January 2000 2nd Offense January 2008
The short answer is no. In addition any traffic related misdemeanor conviction becomes part of your permanent...
Have 6 mts restricted Michigan driver's license due to DUI, No interlock. How do I get restrictions removed & get full priv?
Sentence 93 days in jail for DUI, served 70 days as full sentence. Paid all fees, eligible for unrestricted license September 29, 2015. Do I apply to SOS? There was no interlock device, no suspension or revocation of my license in Michigan. Sentence was first offense in Michigan. Have other DUI in Ohio, license suspended for 6 months there. Used to have Virginia license, but it was revoked due to Ohio offense. What do I do? And what can I expect? Will Michigan pull all my history when I ask for restrictions to be removed?
A full review of your driving record would be necessary to determine if, and when, you would be eligible for a drivers...
I was sentenced to 213 days in jail credit 90 jail days suspended on enrolling in zero tolerance. my end date seems longer?
I should have been given 120 jail days credit but only 90. When I add the total days in zero tolerance it is 107. Who do I call?
Your question is confusing. If you believe you did not get the jail time credit you were due, then you can file a...
Can I sue a drunk driver who hit my park car
I was at work and the dishwasher came and told me a man just hit your car
That he was drunk doesn't add much but yes - his insurance should cover your damage and you can sue him if it doesn't.
What does a pending owi charge mean? And why did the officer do a breathalyzer and blood test?
I was arrested in auburn hills, Mi Oakland county, and took a breathalyzer and then was brought to the hospital for a blood test, and now I am facing a pending charge. Was released from the jail within 2 1/2 hours and did not have to be bailed out.
Well if you blew higher than .02 you will probably be charged. In addition if your blood comes back with dope or...