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Completed ignition interlock out of state, and applying for license in the new state
I was charged with a DUI in Minnesota over a year ago and have been on the ignition interlock program for a year in order to gain my full license back. A few months ago, I moved to North Carolina for my husband's job. I have been getting my car calibrated here and received a letter from the State of Minnesota today stating I completed the interlock program and can now apply for my regular license without the ignition interlock restriction listed on it. However, since I now reside in North Carolina, I plan on getting a North Carolina license instead. My question is, will I be able to get a full license here considering that on the Minnesota license I have in my purse, it states the ignition interlock restriction, even though I am actually eligible in Minnesota now for my full license?? I won't be able to make it to Minnesota to go to a DMV office there, as I now reside here in NC. I do have the letter I received from Minnesota in hand stating I am now eligible for my regular license without any restrictions.....
Your question deals with two different states and the restrictions that may be placed on a person's license after a DUI/...
Is it legal to deny a pistol purchase permit for a DWI conviction?
I was convicted of a Class 2 misdemeanor DWI in Jan. 2014. I recently applied for a pistol purchase permit after spending hours searching through NC laws about the matter and the situation the DWI put me in. It is my understanding that a CCW permit can NOT be given to somebody w/ a DWI in the past 3 years, but nowhere does it state a reason for denial of a ppp. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also I live in Pitt County. What steps do I take to appeal this denial??
You are probably going to have to speak with a lawyer about this. First off, I've never heard of a class 2 DWI. There...
Can the DMV in north Carolina supersede the courts in a DWI case
Court asked for drug assessment I did that and court accepted findings but now DMV says I must take classes which court did not ask me to do
Unfortunately you are going to have to take the alcohol assessment and classes as well. The court is not superseding...
I got a marijuana DUI, but walk-n-turn on shoulder, bad weather, balance test on shoulder as well. What are chances?
Marijuana DUI, first offense ever. Pulled for unsafely passing emergency vehicle (cop had car pulled over for speeding, I and cars in front of me had to maneuver around as his car was onto the highway) He performs five field tests (walk-n-turn, hgn, finger-to-nose, stand on one foot and count to 30 seconds). He opted not to take me to hospital for blood test. Walk-n-turn administered on should of highway in 18 mph winds, rain, 40 degree temps and gusts to 30 mph. I was wearing slip-ons. He writes on the report that I can't keep my balance and have a heavy sway. Despite this, he marks me down as walking a straight line (an imaginary one), not using my arms for balance, not starting before told to and not stopping during the test. On the HGN, I pass 3 out of 4.
DWI's in North Carolina are tough to beat. You need to hire an excellent DWI defense attorney such as Les Robinson or...
How much is a reasonable cost to expunge an underage drinking ticket in Greenville, NC? I
I have a dismissed underage drinking ticket in Pitt County NC and I have heard a wide range of price quotes from several lawyers. What is a reasonable price?
County by county can differ, however in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) the price range seems to be around 500-750.
Can i get two dismissed drinking tickets from when I was 17 and 18 expunged off my record? I am 23 now.
I received two underage drinking tickets, one on my Seventeenth birthday (4-18-09) and one when i was 18 (8-2010). they were both dismissed. Can i get these off of my record?
Normally you can only get two separate incidents both expunged if they occurred within the same 12 month period. You...
How can you tell you got a drinking ticket when you were blackout drunk in the dorms
I came back to the dorms from a friends house blackout drunk and I woke up in my bed with my id out of my wallet and im afraid i got a ticket in the dorm and just dont remember. How do I know?
To see if you have a pending court date you can call the Clerk of Superior Court's office in the county you may have...