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Charged with DUI in Georgia with a SC driver's license, become GA resident and got GA license prior to conviction
My son is a grad student in GA (SC resident at the time) and was charged with DUI last fall. He had a plea deal that enabled him to get a restricted school/work drivers license in GA, in order to do this he had to claim residency in GA, get a GA DL, register his car, etc. He has a list of requirements he must meet, classes, community service, etc. Now after his conviction in GA (got his restricted license), he receives a letter from South Carolina saying his license is suspended in SC. The SC DMV implies this will nullify the GA license until the SC requirements are met. Will GA now suspend the restricted license they just gave him? What is the best course of action to take? He is willing to pay for what he has done, it just seems like he is now being charged doubly.
Call SC and tell them he's no longer a SC resident and see what he needs to do to get the hold lifted from his license.
Does Tennessee allow you to get a license if Florida has a hold.
Charge was 3 dui in 5 years. actually states 4 or subsequent. Last 1 was 3.5 years ago.Florida will allow me to get a license in 5 years but under special supervision. Must check on 2 times a month. I am not wanting to live in florida. It wasn't good for me. I have gone to rehab and no longer drink.
Probably not. If you have a suspended license in one state, other states will probably find out.
What will the judge likely give me for my first dui probation violation?
I have been on probation since September 2014. Recently(May) my drug test result came back positive for alcohol (.6ng). My probation officer told me that I will have to spend a few days in jail, go to court, and then get a drug use evaluation. Since I have finished my community service hours, finished dui school and paid off everything, my officer told me that all I would need to do would be to pay for the drug tests and whatever else the judge gives me. Afterwards I would carry on probation as usual. My officer told me I may be ordered to take some classes but I'm not sure if that is all. Will I have to pay court fees? Have my drivers license suspended? Will I have a new probation officer? Any additional fees that I can expect? More drug testing? I have a job and am in school. Thanks
Every case is different. However, if you want to ensure that you get no, or the least, amount of jail possible, invest...
I have been recently violated in dui court with several technical and no new charges he has also issued a warrant,and made it cl
Clear he wants to revoke entire sentence of 66 days
Well, that will be up to the Judge. If you are going to hire an attorney NOW would be a great time to do that! If the...
Accomadative spasms...DUI
Could this condition get your FST thrown out? The officer pulled me over for speeding claimed he smelled alcohol, and had me perform the FST after I was arrested he said it was something about my eyes...could this help them get thrown out?
Your question isn't clear. If he administered the test after you were already arrested, then the test could be...
Speeding ticket DUI???
can you get your dui reduced to a reckless driving charge if the only reason you were pulled over was for a speeding ticket?
Being pulled over for speeding isn't what would get the charged reduced. You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney...
First DUI I have Gastric reflux?
I was pulled over after 9 and had stopped drinking around 1245 the night before had maybe 10 drinks, had started drinking at 820 or so...we had stopped and got. Biscuit before. I always have to deal with it after I eat...could that have made false reading on a breathalyzer even after 10hours???
There is a possible argument to be made, but it would require the testimony of an expert witness. You need to...