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My permit was from out of state (Arkansas) where I received my DWI. I had not finished my alcohol classes yet in time before my permit expired (which allowed me to drive anytime with the interlock in my car). It was 10 days expired. I have never had any other charges on my record but I did hire an attorney although I was unaware I had to get my license reinstated for Florida when I moved back. What outcome is likely to happen? Thank you!
driving on a dui suspension is considered to be a very serious crime in most florida jurisdictions. sort of the 1st...
It would be a city in Florida to work. I would transfer my probation. Can I do this and or do I need to ask my probation officer?
Only the judge can terminate your probation early, and generally, you must complete 50% of it. You can apply to have...
He doesn't kno if he should take the yr plea or go to trial etc
If he was never convicted on any of the previous DUIs, then he doesn't have 3 prior DUIs. He only has the current one...
I live in FL. Will there be jail time?
For an answer about jail time, you will need to repost this question in the NY criminal law section. In Florida, you...
I was arrested for a DUI in June and paid a $500 cash bail, at my trial I was sent to per-trial diversion for a time of 1 year. I was wondering when will I receive my bail money back. I was hoping to use that money to pay the $600 fee for the program. Do I need to wait the full year until the case is totally complete even though I showed up for the trial in the first place?
After you complete the diversion. They will probably accept that money for any costs and fees. Speak with you Officer...
My son got a DUI and is on probation for 12 mo. He has paid court fines, done his DUI classes and is working on community service hrs. He also has to put car in impound for 10 days. He is meeting with probation officer and just saw her 3 weeks ago and everything was fine and on track. We checked public records site and learned unexpectedly that just last Friday there was warrant out for his arrest with the following information in timeline. We honestly have no idea what this could be for and as you can see what I copied, there was something mailed that was returned. 02/08/2013 Warrant Issued Returnable Instanter 2,500.00 01/02/2013 Mail Returned - Not Delivered 12/12/2012 Returned Mail 10/01/2012 Tag Talk System Doesn't Match Tag on Citation
This is a difficult question. The attorney was generally right when he said your son would be arrested if he went in...
My son was in the pre-trial diversion program, and then was taken out. He had to appear in court again and was going to try to get back into the program based on work hardship. He had his pre-trial conference today and now he has court again at the end of the month with this information showing: Amended Disposition (Judicial Officer: name of judge goes here) Reason: Clerical 1. CT- DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE CAR Not Guilty/Deny What does this mean?
It probably means your son entered a plea of not guilty to the offense.