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Can I still get my hardship after 3duis and 2refusals within 10 years?
3 DUIs in 10 2 refusals
Hardship licenses are available for recidivists. If your driver's license was revoked for 5 years, you must wait an...
Is there a way for my niece to get a state of Connecticut mandate removed for an IID after having it installed, then get Fl. Lic
My niece got convicted of a DUI in 2012, she satisfied all requirements and moved to Florida. She is eligible for reinstement, has been since 2012 but Ct. says that she needs an IID in order for them to remove the suspension, that and $275. All I want her to be able to do is drive back and forth to work. She lives with me now in Florida, her Uncle, she has been free and clear of any alcohol or any illicit drug. They wont remove the suspension until she buys, registers and submits the paperwork for license renewal. So the additional question is can we do that, once Ct issues her license, have her apply for a Fla license and then have the IID removed? Is this a legal option? These fees are going to squash a minimum wage person badly, thats why up until now she hasnt even attempted to get it back.
She needs to comply with all aspects of CT law. If CT requires the IID, they will revoke her license when it's removed,...
My boyfriend got pulled over for dui and no florida license?
Can he be sent back to mexico ? I payed the full bond to get him out . what should i do?? He has a 7 monyh old son to.
If he is convicted he will be told if he is not a US citizen the conviction can cause him to be deported. However, a...
If i violate probation failing a drug test..
I failed a drug test due to poor decisions, my p.o said that she has to fax the results to my judge to see what she wants to do. She said i could either violate,or be reinstated. I have been on probation before and i have never violated before,also while on probation i never got introuble and always completed my classes aswell. Ive been working almost the whole time on probation,if that makes me look any better. Anyways my p.o said she will hear something within a week. What are my chances of not going to jail and being reinstated? And if they do violate me and i dont show up when they call me in is that a charge?
Every judge has a particular way they look at probation violations. Some consider a failed drug test more serious than...
I was found not guilty of DUI and it is affecting my career 3 years later. How can I get it removed from my record?
I received a DUI from a police officer who did not let me take a breathalyzer after I passed the road test. Later when it went to court, the judge gave me a not guilty because the video showed the officer denying me my right to breathalyzer. I have my CDL now and am trying to start my career, but the DUI record is keeping me from obtaining one. Can I get it erased or off record when it's not guilty?
You can expunge the DUI but this is 2014, the internet age, so nothing will ever truly be hidden from the world wide...
If u are on Probation for a mis. drug charge and u violate with a DUI, whats going to happen?
He violated his misdemeanor probation which was poss of parafanilia and marijuana by getting arrested for DUI. Posted bond then they issued a warrant. The warrant had a bond amount on it. He turned self in right away and I posted bond. Why is he set for arraignment when bond was set and posted already?
An arraignment date has nothing to do with the bond and whether it is posted. It is the first formal stage of the...
What is the average/customary fee to handle a BUI (boating under the influence) and refusal to blow? With and/or without trial.
Boating in Sebastion Inlet. Pulled over to boat ramp for safety inspection by FWC, inspection OK. Asked if I had been drinking; admitted to two beers. Did field sobriety test; Officer reported that I did "poorly," however I have video that shows otherwise. Officer said I was under arrest; then he asked if I would blow in a breathalyzer. I asked if I did that and passed, would I be released; he said no, I was still under arrest; I decided blowing was pointless.
It all depends on the attorneys in your area and who you want to hire. Fees vary quite a bit from firm to firm. You...