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What will happen?
I was pulled speeding and was breathalyzed at a .10. I possessed marijuana. I have already set up an appointment with a lawyer. 1st time dui.
Your lawyer is the best person to advise you as he or she will see all charging documents, know the cop’s reputation,...
Will an appeal be effective for an ignition interlock violation?
My license was reinstated 2- 1/2 years ago contingent on my adherence to a “conditional restoration agreement” which consisted of me having an ignition interlock device installed in my vehicle for a total of 7 years with the first 3 under tighter restrictions. Any violation would result in suspension reverting back to original suspension: 2011 conviction: ("Permanent" with eligibility for a dmv hearing after 4 years.) The 2010 incident was my 3rd DWI and have had no criminal/traffic issues since. I maintained sobriety from November of 2010 up until a moment of weakness this past April which resulted in me blowing into the device following a night of drinking. The failed test registered at a 0.075 followed by a 0.068 b.a.c. 5 mins later.. I had been called in to the DMV prior to this incident with missed running tests and false positive "fails" from chapstick on one occasion, a doughnut being the other. I have have been maintaining my sobriety but am having difficulty accepting a 4 year wait time which to me is cruel and unusual for an event that i busted butt to resolve. (Treatment/IOP/Meck. Step Court). Do I have any hope at an appeal or to shorten the revocation period?
If you're allowed a hearing, request one and hire an experienced DWI attorney who represents people at DMV hearings to...
Who offers the best interlock device?
I am trying to find who offers the best device in WS NC, I am having problems with the hum and blow and have tried 3 times already and can not get the device to work to have it installed....I have to have the device for 3 years..2 DUI's. but they were for medications and not for drinking. Is there a way to not have the device since I was taking medication and not drinking?? Or another alternative way to get my license and be able to drive without having the device put on my car.
NC DMV says that if you are required to have an interlock, you have an interlock, regardless of the substance leading...
I hve V.O.P WarNT iN forsyth county NC,if I gt a frsyth.Cnty DMV,to GET NEW ID made,will they see it,an send cop?
I live in Ws Forsyth county ..I need to get new ID made,.(current one expired)... I have a V.O.P warrant, in Forsyth County...suspended 60days) (from dui case). . If I go to D.M.V here in Forsyth county, will they send cop, or will the one that's there arrest me?
There is no automatic check of a person's record or warrant status when applying for an ID. However, anytime you are...
Is going to trial with a dui in NC a good idea?
No accident or children. I blew a 0.02 and refused chemical test. The say I was stumbling when I was ask to get out of the car
If you refused a chemical test, how do you know you only blew a .02? If you refused , you need a lawyer to defend you...
I got dui and refuse to blow. My blood test came back .10 but I suffer from extreme anemia(6.6 ). My blood hematocrit is 23.3
I had a call saying that someone was inside my 18 wheeler that was parked at my local shopping center . When i arrived police were in my truck . As we're talking one said he smelled alcohol . I refused to blow and was arrested
If your Hg is that low, you must be under a doctor's care. I assume you are receiving transfusions as well as B12 and...
What are my chances for getting a dismissal on a DUI when they couldn't find any drugs or alcohol in my system?
I am a student who has been working in Indiana for the past year. My primary address is still in NC. I had to make the trip to register for online classes with my community college. With that being said I had 2 days off of work (Jan. 4th & 5th) and a shift from 12pm-5pm the following day. So there wasn't much room for me to get a good nights rest in. Especially since I took a longer route than usual so I could see more of the states. Well on the way to Indiana from Raleigh, NC; I was stopped in Winston Salem, I was extremely exhausted from driving almost 1,300 miles at that point, anyways they made me do a field sobriety test (which they said I failed) I was wearing flip flops, shorts, and a T-shirt, which made it incredibly hard for me to not shiver in those freezing conditions as (I have an awkward stance) So I wasn't able to walk in a straight line in the for the test. Plus since I was basically waking up and scared it was kind of hard for me to focus. They used the breathalyzer a ton, I blew nothing because I nothing to drink. He then insisted that it had to be marijuana so he took me downtown and booked me. I am getting my own blood test done. I dont smoke anything.Can I win?
Giving you the exact same answer as when you previously posted and both then and now mentioned your flip flops (in...