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is it very likely I could go to jail.. also what are the consequences.. and is there a way I can avoid license suspension
I'm 17 and was going 76 mph in 45 zone.. it's my first offense & I have an arraignment in 3 months.
The speed at which you're charged will trigger a suspension due to your age. Hire an attorney or be prepared to plead...
What can i do if i failed my probation drug test the first one i failed in 5 years
My fiance just did a drug test for probation and failed it but he hasn't failed any others,they wouldn't let him see the test and they said it looked diluted. Will they give him another drug test or what will they do next?
Depending on what happens he may be looking at a possible probation revocation. If that is the case, he should seek...
Can I get an financial hardship?
This is my first DUI but got charged for 2 others cause my kids were in the card. Yes I know I shouldn't have had them in the car I was at an family restaurant with my 2 other friends and got stopped. I did all the requirements for probation. It's been 2 years since I had my license and I have to get the machine I have a vehicle but it's broke down I'm trying to get that fixed. I still have probation fines I owe my car people like 3000 I have daycare that's 165 a week I rented my kids a computer for school that 92 every 2 weeks my car is 194 a month plus I know whenever I can drive my insurance will be like 180 a month plus a stay with my folks ever since I had cancer so I pay my parents like 400 a month I'm a single parent raising 3 girls trying to provide for them with all these expenses I don't think I can afford the machine for a year.
I can;t speak to GA but in FL there is no such thing as a "financial hardship" for dealing with your DUI penalties....
Since her case is so old and she has no way to pay for it, does she still have to have the device?
My wife has a DUI in Georgia from 2005 and hasnt driven since. She was ordered to have 6 mo's of interlock ignition. She has written the judge, prosecutor, and clerk of court requesting a financial hardship waiver because she has no way of paying for the device. The correspondence she received said she had to file a "motion" for that consideration. She doesnt know how to do that without an attorney.
In handling requests for waiver of the interlock ignition, it's best to prepare an affidavit for the court that lists...
How can I get work license in Georgia if my license are revoked in North Carolina until a hearing in 2017
Had got refusal in NC but took it to trial and beat the case. But they still trying to make me do acohol classes bf hearing in 2017
Regardless of your last trial results, I am guessing that your NC license is still very messed up. Accordingly, I...
My son was charged with DUI and personal injury due to an accident where he lost control of his car.
The girl in his car suffered broken bones, and my son was injured as well. I understand he can face jail time, but is it possible that he can stay out of jail so he can finish school to do community service, DUI school etc? What is the cost of such case? If he has to pay a fine and court costs, how fast do these fines have to be paid? Thank you so much in advance. (My son did hire a lawyer)
This question is best for a criminal defense attorney. His/your auto insurance company should handle the personal...
Public defender for a DUI in douglasville, Ga
I have a week until my court date. this is my very first DUI, i have a very tight budget right now and cannot afford an attorney to represent me. i do not want to go to court empty handed... I'm looking for a public defender in Douglasville, GA.
Just go to court and ask the judge for one. You must qualify first.