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DUI and expungement
I was convicted of a DUI 16 years ago with BAC 0.22 completed required counseling and again 7 years ago with a BAC of .10. Will? Will I be able to receive an expungement
No. Under the new DUI laws you can only expunge the first one ONLY if you don't have a second one.
Will Houston come to pick you up from Ms for dui felony?
What if you have a dui felony and live in ms will tx come and get you if you're already facing penitentiary time.
Possibly. Contact a DUI lawyer asap.
I failed 4 tests and I'm afraid I'm owe 269 more in fines am I going to jail
I have a possession of cocaine charge and I failed 3 for marijuana and one for cocaine I'm so afraid
You may have any probation or withheld sentence revoked requiring you to serve the sentence. You need to show some...
What will happen to my son if he has two pending diu's and a recent dui arrest while driving with my infant grandson in the car?
My son was driving his infant son home late one night and veered off the road, causing an accident. Rainy weather and alcohol contributed to the accident. After leaving the scene to take his son home, he returned to the wrecked car where police arrested him for dui and child endangerment. His driver's license were suspended and a court date has been set. My son has a federal job. What will probably happen to him?
No one can say for sure without seeing all the evidence and knowing his entire history. But the odds of a more...
DI an officer have the right to threaten you, your spouse, or threaten you about your job?
I came upon what they call a road block. No officers was standing at the intersection . They were all out to the side then one officers runs over while I'm at the red light. I give him my license he then tells me to pull over to the side. I did and passed his field sobriety test. He then gets mad takes me in for dui other. Well asking me questions I response he then threatens me and my wife cause she is a federal government employee . It was 3 of us standing there while he did this.
There is no law that gives the officer such a "right". Three is also no specific law that would make such an act...
Im 17 what would happen if i failed a drug test. and have never been in trouble with drugs before and im not on probation?
scared i might needa take a drug test. an ive never been in trouble with the law with drugs before and im not on probation what would be the concequences of me failing a drug test
You do not give enough details to properly answer your question. Who is administering the test, for what purpose, law...
What does it meen when your license is surrendered?
I done masep and probation but still owe little bit of money on the fine.i Beed to drive to work to pay this how do I keep from going jail when I get pulled over
I'm guessing you mean your license is suspended. That means you no longer have driving privileges on the public roads...