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Am I legal to drive after dwi charge was messed up by dmv?
The dmv messed up there paper work and wrote the wrong date and it charged me with 2 Dwi. So I didn't have a car for months and they can't put a ignition lock on a moped so I ended up working then 5 months later bought a car found out I needed 45 dollar reinstatement fee and called the dmv and dor multiple times and they said I was unsuspended. Now there is a pending action cause I bought a car licenced and everything and had an ignition lock taken back out of it cause they said I did not need it so what is going on?
This one is too complicated to answer on the internet. You need an attorney who handles traffic law matters to look at...
I failed a IID test and am not sure why, what will happen?
I was leaving work on a Saturday around 12:30 PM and I blew into the device and it said that I had failed. I was scared so I didn't do another test until later in the day, which I passed, I tried to call the service provider but they were closed. This is my first test that I failed and is my first DUI offense. I received an SIS and unsupervised probation. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help.
Go see a criminal defense lawyer in the St. Louis area for more information. It would be a wise idea to make note of...
So around 7 years ago I got a DUI in Missouri and one in 10 years ago in Indiana ?
I was in my 20's and just ran from my problems. Now I'm in my late 30's and just want to fix this whole situation. I have 2 DUI's in 2 states and just want to know how this situation can be resolved without me getting jail time. I haven't got into trouble or broken the law since.
Based on your question I'm going to assume that you have two pending DWIs, one in Missouri and one in Indiana. If that...
How do you keep your license while on probation?
I have been offered a plea deal for probation and no jail time. Is all probation SIS? My attorney said I would lose my license for 10yrs due to it being my 3rd, even though it has been 10+ years since my last one. I have done my SATOP, had the SCRAM bracelet for 9 months and have had the interlock for over a year. I am due to get the interlock off in 3 weeks. I called the DOR to find out what the details of losing my license. They told me that if it is probation w/ SIS there would be no additional suspension and no more interlock after my last calibration if there aren't any violations. Does DOR determine if you lose your license or does the courts?
Your attorney, who is familiar with your current case, your priors and local DOR requirements would be the one to...
In the state of missouri can the court order a drug test if there is not any evidence of recent drug use
Im Not on probasion all of charges or counts were dimissed but they still want a drug test i feel charges were dropped so what leagle grounds do they have
You feel that charges were dropped? I suggest you contact the attorney who represented you to find out the details of...
I did not complete my S.a.t.o.p or victim impact classes appointed by the court , what should I expect in court ?
Because of my job and the fact I am a single father with no vehicle I couldn't make my classes ,I did my community service and paid my city fine .
Go do them. If you received a probation on the DWI, you are in violation of your probation until you do. Mo. is not...
I have been married for less than a week in state of missouri. I was drunk and just saw pictures today of it can it be annulled?
She sent pictures via email sent by other party I had no knowledge of doing this till today
Under limited circumstances you can get an annulment in Missouri. I'd suggest giving an attorney a call as soon as...