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  • Second man in meat saw case is sentenced

    Thursday Jun 23 | via Post-Bulletin 

    The second of two men accused of threatening a college student with a meat saw inside a warehouse has been sentenced in the case. John Arnold Demaske, 46, was sentenced to five years probation and 360 hours of community work service for his conviction on one count of gross misdemeanor stalking.


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Police gave me an underage drinking ticket but didn't breathalyze me- They don't have proof so how can they do that?
Police asked if I'd been drinking, I said yes but only a couple sips, they didn't breathalyze me but still gave me a ticket.
The underage drinking laws are "not a drop" laws. The police officer will say that there was reason to believe you had...
Is there a statute of limitations for traffic violations? I was charged with drunk driving on Maui 18 years ago.
Because I never paid the fines they are blocking me from getting a license in Minnesota. I am now 100% disabled and cannot afford to pay the fines which are nearly $900 Although the violations fort these fine happened 18-22 years ago Hawaii put a block on my license in 2005. How does that work?
Yes there is a statute of limitations on criminal offenses. But, the statute only sets a deadline for when the charges...
How long does an unresolved dui stay active / on my driving record in California?
I got a dui a few years back which ruined my job situation and forced me to end my small business, so I ended up having to move out of state. Since I didn't finish the classes, or pay them the $3,000+ in fines I have a problem. I want to get my license in Minnesota, but I need a clean driving record to do so. Does the mark go away at some point? What should I do to resolve this?
If a person is being denied a drivers license in Minnesota as the result of unmet conditions of license reinstatement...
Is it DWI if BAC was lower than .08 at the time of driving?
If person is below .08 at time of driving/accident, then drinks to a .15 between time of driving/ accident and the test, can the person be convicted? The test was 2.5 hours after accident.
The is a frequently used defense to argue that the test results do not reflect the situation at the time of driving....
I was pulled over for stuff hanging from my mirror which I did not have on there-so he gave me a breath test which was .08
The Video should show or does the cop have to prove I had stuff there and what it was? There was nothing there.
If there is a video, it will likely be unclear whether there is something hanging from your mirror. However, if...
Charged with felony DUI in Minnesota
I was just charged with felony DUI in Minnesota. I'm assuming that I'll be found guilty of the charges. My question is, if I plead guilty of the charges, is it possible to keep the felony conviction off of my record? I'm willing to do any treatment or DUI Court that's required to do this.
Contact an attorney right away to discuss. You shouldn't rely on this online forum for advice.
What are the consequences of receiving a second DWI charge while on probation?
I got charged with a fourth degree DWI six months ago and got recently charged with a third degree DWI while on probation. I managed to lower the first DWI to a careless driving but got sentenced to serve 10 days of STS and to complete a one-day DWI program. When I asked the officer what would happen if I refuse to take the breath test he told me that it was a crime and would be arrested. What options do I have in terms of the consequences? Do I have mandatory jail time? Also I do not own a car, I was driving another person's car and the plates of that car got taken away to be replaced with whisky plates, is there a way to avoid that as the car is not under my name and the owner has nothing to do with this case? Thank you very much for your help.
Well first off you are looking at a mandatory minimum of 30 days in jail (48 hours in and rest on EHM) if you are...