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Can someone be charged with failure to blow when DUI charges were dropped by police and charged was never seen driving?
Car was found off main road on railroad tracks. Charged was found outside of the car. He never denied drinking but did deny that he was driving. He said that driver went off to get some help. Refused breathalyzer test. Arrested and jailed overnight, released on bond. About 6 months later, the case was dropped by the magistrates office. No reason given. Bail bond returned in full. Charged had a FL drivers license at the time. Recently went to get a SC driver's license (over a year after incidence) and was told it was suspended for failure to blow. Charged does not remember being informed of 30 days and no paperwork was ever sent to home.
"Charged" has to pay a reinstate fee for failure to comply with the implied consent laws of this state. Even though the...
I was charged with a dui in south carolina. I blew0.0 but I fell a sleep from driving from Atl.I have a Georgia drivers licence
I was arrested at work not driving I was tired from driving all night from milton Ga. I also have a prescription from doctor of xanex that I have only been taking around three weeks prior. A concerned citizen followed me to work called police and I was given a field test they arrested me and took me to jail. I wasn't able to call from my cell phone which had all my phone numbers on it. So I stayed give days in jail two in greer and three in Spartanburg county, until family found out and bailed me out for $150.00 bail was only $1017. How cam I get free court appointed attorney. And extend my case past my current court date.
Go to court on your arraignment date (you have been ordered to, anyway). Plead not guilty. Request a public defender...
Can a State revoke my license for getting a DUI in another state?
I got a DUI in Alabama 14 years ago in 2002. I did everything Alabama asked and paid my reinstatement fee. I traveled to Michigan to help my disabled mother and while there, I got a Michigan license which is required by law even though I had planned to return to Alabama. After that I received a letter from the state of Michigan saying that they are revoking my license because I got a DUI in Alabama, and that I was supposed to jump through their hoops to get it back. This seemed strange to me and I took papers to the DMV in Alabama, and they couldn't understand it either a gave me my license because I fulfilled all the required steps. I then moved to Florida with no problems there, but I had to recently had to relocate to South Carolina, and when I went to change my license from Florida to South Carolina, they told me Michigan put my name in the national data base and in order to get it off, I have to jump through their hoops and pay them to get it removed. This seems like double jeopardy to me, is this legal?
Yes, as long as you drive in that state.
How do I ask the court for a DUI plea bargain?
In 2014 I was pulled (minor swerving) and I denied a breathalyzer but I failed my field tests. I feel the best option is to plea guilty for a reduction to "reckless driving" , no fine and 6 or more weeks of DUI classes. Is this too much to ask? How do I ask in the right terms since I'll be representing myself?
Most prosecutors don't take DUI's lightly. If you want to plea to a lesser charge, you will need to know what the...
Is there such thing as pro bono or financing in South Carolina (York County). PLEASE HeLP
4 years ago I completely cleaned up my life. I moved to SC and everything was going well. Until back in May I was rear ended. I took some pain killers and Smoked some weed only at night to deal with the pain, i have no health insurance.(In NC where marijuana was decriminalized).The next day, maybe 15 hours later I was in another car accident. I lost consciousness and had a large gash on my forehead. The cops took me out of the car and had me do field sobriety test. I did not do very well on them( I can't pass them sober, especially after a traumatic accident where there was LOC).The cops took me to the hospital and did a brain scan and it was WNL. I've done research and just because nothing showed on the scan doesn't mean that there was no injury to my brain. I also failed the UA and Blood test. During the accident, the person I hit god badly hurt. (my PD said that he is a retired cop who was healing from a kidney transplant). I have a PD for right now but with these charges I think I need more. I received a few quotes and they were around 20,000 which I cant afford without financing. Please Help me find who can help. I didnt clean up my life to do 15 yrs. Im also a newlywed.
We (participating AVVO lawyers) are not permitted to solicit business for either ourselves or for other lawyers. I can,...
How many time i need to do the n 400 test
i apply one time and i pass the test and they denaid my application i was have case but it finish now and i apply again do i need to do the test again
If you have a DUI on your record, you may have been excluded. You give. Very little information in your queerly....
Can I get a cdl permit if I've been convicted of a first offense DUAC in South Carolina
I'm 27 and received my duac may 15 2015. My license comes off suspension when I complete adsap in 2 more weeks . Other than that my records clean.
You should call the S.C. DMV for a correct answer to this question. They are the licensing body. If you feel that you...