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Won DMV case Wet from court 1 year later going for an expungement. was told can purge the BAC info form my driving record T-F ?
Want to purge the BAC readings from my driving record since I was found innocent form DMV hearing. Contacted Mandatory Actions Unit They said court had a code on my recoded what now?
Are you asking if you can remove the DUI chemical test results from your DMV record? The short answer is no you can't.
Can a LAPD officer tell me that he is arresting me for being in the US army? I want to file a lawsuit against the LAPD
I was stopped by LAPD for a DUI which I understand I was wrong but the officers told me they were going to let me go with a warning. After they found out I was in the Army the sergent says to me " you are in the army?" I said "yes" he then said "alright now you are going to jail."
You were arrested for a DUI, not for being in the Army. I have no idea about why they would let you go with a warning....
How difficult would it be to get my DUI dropped (CA, first time)?
I was driving and saw two cops, one on each side street ahead with their lights flashing. It was very dark and multiple street lamps were out. I slowed down and passed between cops within the legal speed limit. I passed them instead of stopping since they were parallel to the curb, not horizontal like a blockade and nothing indicating to stop. As I pass, I hear construction workers or police telling me to slow down. I then ran over a caution tape that was not visible because of the lack of lighting, plus it was so low it barely reached the top of my tires. I then hear police screaming to get out of the car and am handcuffed. They then put a line of flares that blocks the street as i'm waiting. I was then given the FST and failed. I was taken to the station and blew a .14. What can I do?
Although your story is probably what happened, it really doesn't give any reason to surpress the evidence against you....
What are my options? What is the liklihood of the outcome?
I just got a dui in Los Angeles, CA. I took a blood test and the officer was following me for about 2 minutes and I had a broken taillight. When he pulled me over he immediately asked me. I thought I was fine, I only had a few glasses of wine, but blew a .11. I do not know what to do since I consented to the blood test and I cannot get a public attorney until the date of my case in April. It is my first offense, I don't even have tickets. I am scared because I need my license. Is there a way to save it? Anyone recommend a lawyer in Los Angeles?
Understand that public defenders are only for indigent individuals. The public defender system was not designed to...
Dui arrest?
I was pulled over a night after drinking with some friends which I shouldn't had done. I was a minor at that point. I got pulled over and the officer asked me if I was drinking. They did some test afterward and issue me a citation ticket and a form that says I was drinking under age. They then asked me if someone was nearby to pick me up since I couldn't drive, and I said yes. Then when the person arrive, I was free to go. Does this count as a arrest and will it show in my record? I Wasn't taken down to the station and they didn't call my parents, but will this still count as a arrest? Another thing is that a mail was send after a few days to my house from the CHP saying that I was arrested. But I wasn't taken to custody and no picture or finger were taken. does still count as an arrest?
Is CHP California Highway Patrol? Do you have a court date?
I have a warrant for a dui for a missed court date
i was convicted of a second dui in Los Angeles, and missed a follow up court date. didn't realize this had happened until i received notification of a warrant out for my arrest in the mail. i have no money, and my lawyer was very expensive. i would like to get this take care of asap but dont know where to begin.
If you cannot afford a private attorney then you need to go to the courthouse where your case is being heard and go to...
My license was suspended when I got a DUI. How bad will my charges be if I was only cited for the DUI.
I was given a DUI for blowing a .10. My license was already suspended without me knowing apparently since 2013. I had my license on me at the time. What can I do to minimize my charges? This is my first DUI and I have no record of anything this severe.
First you need to consult with an experienced DUI lawyer. The suspended license may not be a problem. In order to prove...