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I am a probation transfer from California to Wisconsin and in to my 4th year out of 5. I gotta DWI in Wisconsin and now have court and programs for that here in Wisconsin but California probation is demanding I return for a probation revocation hearing REAL soon. February 19th!!! Both probation officers appear to be on different pages since the Wisconsin says I can't leave due to a signature bond while court and programs play out. This is my first violation, but the California PO definitely wants to revoke me? I have full time employment family and housing in Wisconsin and nothing in California. What can I do? What happens if I go to the hearing and then can't return to go to Wisconsin for court and pre approved programs and term? Please help, I am numb and can't find answers???
You need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to sort this out.
I have 3 DUI s. And a possession charge from awhile back, none were felonies
The databases a law enforcement agency are almost certainly lifetime databases, meaning they would see whatever there...
I was at my friends camper and cops showed up for a loud generator complaint and ended up making me take a breathalyzer test and I didn't have a drink or anything near me. They then made me get in the car and didn't tell me where I was going. We ended up at the police station and they wrote me out an underage drinking fine. I have no idea what I blew and they did not tell me whether or not I lose my license. I just want to know if I can fight this.. The ticket was $400
First- nobody can MAKE you take a breathalyzer- if they do, that's against your consent, and therefore a 4th amendment...
I was not even driving when i recieved the ticket,my car had got stuck making a u turn on a back rd and I went down the road to my parents house to get assistance and when i came back they arrested me.a few grounds for my defense.No justification for the stop,no probable cause,the breathilyzer was given 3 hours after the so called stop,maintenance and calibration of the BRAC machine,the smell of alcohol on my breath does not prove DUI,and then some.
It is not possible to give you a detailed answer to your question on this site as we cannot give advice here, even if...
I recently got an underage. This technically would be my second, but It said that it was my first offense. It said that I refused a PBT, but I did not. I tried blowing it twice. I was by myself walking on the sidewalk, trying to walk home.
Pleading guilty would be the least effective way to keep this off your record. The most effective would be to contact a...
I received first owi citation 10.04.14. I completed voluntary alcohol assessment 11.01.2014 and driver safety school 12.14.14. Yesterday I received court order in mail to have alcohol assessment and attend driver safety plan. Does the assessment and driver safety plan completed before court order count to satisfy court order?
Generally, yes. You should contact the organization named in the order and explain the situation to them.
I have a pending OWI case in which a motion was filed to suppress the evidence, due to a warrantless blood draw, on the grounds of Missouri vs. McNeely, Griffith vs. Kentucky and Schmerber vs. California. My question is that if the blood evidence is successfully suppressed and the case dismissed, do I have grounds for filing suit against the city or arresting county on grounds of violating my 4th. Amendment Constitutional rights.
Short answer is no, absent some very unlikely circumstances. Basically absent a very egregious violation, the police...