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In paid fines
I have fines from 2 dui for a medication doc put me on! Now they have been sent to collection & one just ( 1 misted one court date) sent a letter to state saying I need a breatha lizer (had nothing to do with Alcohol & he revoked them until 2020!!! I was on Court supervision from that judge! I did have my liscence suspended for one year from 1st (diff judge)! If I could have paid them I certainly would! I was going through a div (25 yr married to Peace officer)! Can Harris & Harris that is trying to collect put me in jail? Their harassing me & want more $ than I can give. I live on my portion of my ex police officers pension! Thank you
The Court will normally not put you in jail for failure to pay a fine. However, that being said, if you fail to meet...
Is it illegal in Illinois to be public intoxicated?
I got stopped for public intoxication, I didn't quite understood what the officers said to me because I was severely intoxicated.
Yes. It is illegal to be intoxicated in public in Illinois.
How likely is it that I will go to jail?
I was arrested for a dui, speeding 1-20 over the speed limit and improper turn signal. The judge released me on my own recognizance and I have court in 2 weeks. I'm very worried that I will be sentenced jail time. This is my first offense. I have no criminal history.
Without deprecating the seriousness of the offense (which is a Class A misdemeanor, without other aggravating factors)...
My ex has been charged with a dui,possession of cocaine and a firearm also simultaneously charged with drugs possession and gun?
I have filed for petition of custody what are my chances of getting custody of my son
We no longer use the word "custody" in Illinois. We now talk about allocation of parenting time and parenting...
Will my license get revoked for sure?
I got charged for my 3rd dui. 1995 and 2010 are when the first two took place. Neither of the first two were convictions. I am driving with a baid device currently during the summary suspension while going to court. Will my license get revoked for sure?
Without knowing the resolution of the first two charges, your current charge's associated BAC, it is hard to tell. Get...
I have an interlock restricted license and will be moving to a new state. Which traffic/DUI laws are followed?
I may be driving a company vehicle. The state I got the DUI in has no exemptions for restricted license holders while the state I am moving to has an exemption for employee vehicles.
If your RDP is from Illinois, you probably get nothing in the new state. Usually the new state will honor the "stop"...
DUI /suspension. Rescinding both after case was dismissed.
Issued DUI and Dl was suspended for refusal to blow. While suspension was in effect the case was dismissed and I left to state issued mandatory vacation for 18 months on non traffic related cases.My cdl was revoked and upon release I obtained the cdl after retaking tests. Now this suspension and dui are still on my record and nobody will hire me. My cdl is pretty much worthless unless I can rescind this off my record. The time limit to rescind is up which I knew nothing about at the time and was not available anyways.What are my chances of getting this removed and what would be the expected cost of an attorney for said matter?
Unless a Petition to Rescind the suspension was filed within 90 days of when you were served with a Notice of Summary...