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  • Winfield, Iowa man arrested after found asleep in ru...

    Jan 20, 2017 | via KWQC-TV Davenport 

    A Winfield, Iowa man was arrested on charges after being found asleep inside a running vehicle near the intersection of 140th St. and Kentucky Ave. On Jan. 14, 2017 around 6:30 p.m., deputies were called to the area on a report of a suspicious vehicle with an unconscious person inside. Deputies found Eric Dwayne Tusing asleep in the driver's seat of a Buick Century that was still running.


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Winfield Law

Can punishment for DUI conviction be transferred to another state so I can get a hardship license there?
DUI conviction 3rd offense in FL. Now living and working in IA. Need transportation to and from work.
It will depend on the restrictions in Florida because Iowa will normally honor those. If you qualify for a restricted...
What would be the best thing to do? Should we fight it?
We got pulled over for a busted headlight the cop comes up to our car says he smells marijuana and we should just give it to him all we had on us was paraphernalia so we did. Told me and my husband to get out of the car they make him do 3-4 sobriety test and even a breathalyzer which came out to be 00.0 and said well your showing signs of being under the influence so we're going to take you in tonight.
You should talk to an Iowa criminal defense lawyer.
When a dui has been expunged is it necessary to keep sr22?
got a dui a year and half ago. Just got letter from County saying it has been expunged.
The SR-22 requirement is determined by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). It is not directly related to the...
Statute of Limitations on DUI in Iowa no arrest or charge
August 2015, vehicle accident. taken to Hospital and was treated for injuries. while there State patrolman attempted to ask questions and get me to blow in hand held device. I was drugged and unable too. he asked for blood test and I refused. I was not even or barely awake. I know my license has been revoked and they did not take my license from me. I have not driven since and wonder now what to do if anything? Also, nothing shows up on my online court records.
The statute of limitations is 3 years. My guess is that if they haven't done it after this long, they probably aren't...
I got a dui last night! The officer charged me with DUI second! I have other DUI's in South Dakota that we're from 2012!
Will my charge be changed when I go to my initial appearance or will they not find those!
You have to assume they will at some point but its best to get in touch with an attorney now and go over your options....
Can my employer inform me that I failed a drug screen over my answering machine at home???
I was suspended from work today due to failing a drug screen. This morning my supervisor told me I was suspended for an undisclosed reason. HR phone later leaving a message on our home phone saying I failed a drug screen and I was suspended until receiving a letter explaining my rights to a half specimen retest which if comes back positive will result in termination. This message was unfortunately heard by my wife. Do I have any recourse due to invasion of privacy???
Since you did fail the blood test you probably have no recourse as this is not defamatory because it is true. Confirm...
How long does the officer have to get the paper work to the DOT?
I was arrested on October 8th for a OWI I refused to take the breathalyzer test at the station. The officer took my license he gave me the temporary licence paper work. I called the DOT today January 17 and they still have no record of me getting an OWI.
Unfortunately there is no statute of limitations for law enforcement to file the license disqualification paperwork...