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I was arrested for a DUI two weeks ago and have two questions.
1) If my license is suspened, but I obey every single traffic law, how would I ever be pulled over? I have never been pulled over for "nothing" in 22 years of driving. My attorney tells me you can only be pulled over for "probable cause". 2) I am a first time offender for DUI. What percent chance is there of me going to jail? I have a court date in three days. No one but myself was in the car, and no one was hurt. I crashed into a tree after blacking out.
The standard for a stop is "reasonable suspicision, not probable cause. And the police can run your license plates for...
Has there been any progress in grandfather ing dui laws ?
Has there been any progress in grandfather ing dui laws For those who cought a dui before Jan 1 ? Of witch the law made it so that you had to have the baiid system in your car for 5years ??? Vs a year ??
Many states use apply "grandfathering" of criminal history in different ways (e.g., in charging vs. sentencing). While...
They split my DUI into a DUI and drug case if I plead Guilty to the DUI would the drug case case be dropped? ?
Since I got pulled over and I was DUI on pills and they found my pills and charged me separately that should be one charge.
DUI and possession are two separate charges. Pleading guilty to one won't result in the other being dismissed unless...
What does "allotment this date vacated" mean in a DUI?
In a DUI case, this is from the sentencing on 4/11/17: "Defendant is ordered to serve a period of incarceration of 60 days in the xxxxx County Correctional Center. Cause continued for status of compliance with electronic home detention in xxxxx County to April 20, 2017." The case was updated on April 20 with: "Representation that the defendant has complied with electronic home detention. By agreement of the parties, allotment this date vacated." What does "allotment this date vacated" mean?
In this context hard to know. Check with the court clerk or your lawyer
When can I get an IL license after a DUI in another state?
I received a DUI in California (I was a CA resident at the time) last summer. I recently moved to Chicago for work back in December and have not needed a license because I live and work in downtown. However, my CA lawyer reached an agreement with the DA in the county it happened and I will be pleading guilty and accepting their plea which obviously means classes and fines. I know I can't get a license right now but at which point can I get an IL drivers license? once I start the classes ? Because I know I could get a restrictive license in CA as soon as I plead guilty and accept the plea. Not sure how it works here if the same applies or what needs to be done to get a license. It has already been suspended since September.
Your best bet is to complete ALL requirements that CA imposes upon you and get your CA D/L reinstated FIRST. THEN, you...
Will I be able to become a nurse with a DUI ? What will happen now with a DUI? Can I get denied a job with a DUI?
I recently got arrested in Addison, IL for driving under the influence, not having a valid driver's liscense and having open alcohol. I was 0.162 on the breathalyzer. I have never gotten stopped by the police nor have had any tickets. I'm a first time offender . I did get my liscense revoked for 6 months. I am 21 years old. My question is what will happen now ? Like what's the worse that will happen to me? Will this effect me from getting into nursing school? Can I drive to work, school ? Will I need a permit to commute to my destination?
A DUI is a Class A misdemeanor. You can be jailed for up to a year and fined up to $2,500. Time to get a lawyer...
DUI in California moved to what?
I received a DUI in California and move to Chicago recently for work. I have not agreed to a plea deal or anything yet. I was wondering if I am able to get a Chicago license at this point or if I need to wait until I enter a plea and pay the fines then I can try to get a license. Basically if I go to the DMV at this point and try to get a license in Illinois what will happen?
Don't apply for an Illinois driver's license until the California case is resolved and any California license...