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  • Police Seize 1,800 Bags of Heroin, Assault Rifle in ...

    Thursday Feb 4 | via 

    Windsor Police assisted Hartford PD in the operation and a local woman is accused of "stashing" heroin at the Flamingo Inn hotel. Hartford Police, working with the assistance of the Windsor Police Department, seized three guns and 1,800 bags of heroin during drug busts at three different locations on Wednesday.


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  • Manchester Police Continue Arresting Men At Nature T...

    Wednesday Feb 3 | via The Hartford Courant 

    Despite continuing surveillance meant to curb indecent behavior at a local nature trail, police arrested five men there in the past week, including a Windsor public school employee who was charged with trying to molest an officer, police said Wednesday. Four men were arrested Tuesday and one on Friday at Laurel Marsh Trail off West Middle Turnpike, an area that police have targeted after complaints about public sex and exhibitionism.


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  • Recently Sold Windsor Homes

    Thursday Jan 28 | via 

    The long-range forecast for the region's weather in February-April has been released and many may find it surprising. A Windsor man faces charges after a caller helped police track down a suspected DUI driver, who was allegedly driving through stop signs.


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  • Latest Windsor Homes for Sale

    Wednesday Jan 27 | via 

    A Windsor man faces charges after a caller helped police track down a suspected DUI driver, who was allegedly driving through stop signs. Windsor Police are continuing to investigate Monday's shooting in which the victim was found at a pizza place in East Hartford.


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  • Shopping Center Shooting Probe Continues In Windsor

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via The Hartford Courant 

    A person was shot in the parking lot of the Windsor Shopping Center on Monday afternoon, and detectives continued to interview witnesses to what a police official called "a random act of violence in a public place." The shooting happened about 1 p.m. at the center, on Route 159, and two sedans, one white or silver, the other dark, were seen leaving the parking lot afterward, police said.


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  • Windsor Shooting Victim Expected to Survive

    Monday Jan 25 | via 

    Windsor Police are continuing to investigate Monday's shooting in which the victim was found at a pizza place in East Hartford. The man who was shot in Windsor and ended up at an East Hartford pizza place on Monday is expected to survive , according to the Hartford Courant.


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  • A Windsor police car outside of the Windsor Senior C...

    Monday Jan 25 | via WTNH 

    Windsor Police have arrested a Bloomfield man who they say began to assault someone in a fit of road rage. Police first received a 911 call from a motorist who reported that another driver was using his pick-up truck to repeatedly ram the victim who was driving on Route 305 from Bloomfield into Windsor.


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  • Driver Rams Other Car Into Snowbank, Punches Victim: PD

    Monday Jan 25 | via NBC Connecticut 

    Police arrested a 49-year-old man after he repeatedly rammed another car into a snowbank while driving on Route 305 from Bloomfield to Windsor and then got out of the car and pummeled the other driver, then chasing him along the road before fleeing police in a pursuit, police said. Joyceson Young 49, of Bloomfield, is facing multiple charges including assault and reckless endangerment after police received a 911 call from a motorist at about a pick-up truck driver repeatedly slamming into another car while driving on Route 305 at 12:20 a.m. on Sunday.


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  • Man, woman charged in killing at Southeast Baltimore...

    Monday Jan 11 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    A man and a woman were charged with murder Monday in the killing of a 48-year-old man in a Southeast Baltimore motel, police said. Christopher Wilkins, 32, and Angel Fury, 27, were arrested in North Carolina on Monday in the beating death of 48-year-old Edward Robert Yesaitis Jr. at the Deluxe Plaza Motel at 6401 Pulaski Highway on Jan. 5, police said.


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  • Windsor Man Facing Human Trafficking, Narcotics Charges

    Jan 7, 2016 | via 

    Suspects arrested Wednesday night: Top row left to right: Kelly, Janton, Greene, Lopez. Bottom row left to right: Hairston, Williams, West, Collins.


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  • 9 arrested in Hartford in connection with kidnapping...

    Jan 7, 2016 | via WTNH 

    Nine people were arrested Wednesday in connection with the alleged kidnapping and human trafficking of a teen outside of Hartford. In September, an outside agency first contacted Hartford police in regards to the possible kidnapping and human trafficking of an 18-year-old girl.


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Windsor Law

If I am on probation for a misdemeanor DUI can a probation, officer tell me I need to surrender my firearms?
The conditions of probation are do not operate a operate a motor vehicle while license is suspended, Alc/Sub Ab. test, tx, 100 hr of community service, and 2 victim impact panel. This is my first conviction of a DUI no prior convictions, or misdemeanors.
Probation officers authority comes from orders of the Court. If your conditions do not include surrendering your...
Can I get my license in Vermont and not have to put the ignition interlock in my car?
My license was taken from me for medical reasons (medications) the day after a car accident that became a manslaughter with a mv dui. It was taken in 2010 I was then convicted in 2012. I received time and 1 year suspension. In order to get my license back CT statue says I must have an ignition interlock and show medical proof from dr.'s that I'm off meds and it's ok for me to drive.
If you are a CT licensee, then you will need to abide by their requirements before another state is going to issue you...
What's going to happen if I turn myself in? Do I need a lawyer?
I was put on probation for 18 months due to a DUI charge back in 2013. I had to complete 2 MADD meetings, pay $600 in restitution, mental evaluation and 200 hours of community service or 4 days in jail. I had served a week in jail after my accident before I was bonded out and for some reason that didn't count. I went to my monthly probation visits accordingly. I had 3 months left on my probation and my probation officer put me in violation and I got a letter in the mail saying I violated probation and there is a warrant out for my arrest back in April of 2014. She gave me no notice and never returned my calls when I asked why I got this notice. Despite that, I still completed the MADD Meetings before my probation was to originally expire and in January 2015, I sent a money order to pay the restitution. The only thing I wasn't able to complete was the community service as I have not had a car or reliable transportation since my DUI (I totaled my car). It's going on 2 years since I got that notice and I know I'll never be able to get this behind me and move on with my life until I deal with it.
You definitely need a lawyer. You are walking into a minefield with the situation you described.
I am licensed in CT - Do I need to have an ignition interlock device installed for a DWAI drug conviction that happened in NY?
should I have to have an interlock device installed in my car for the CT DMV for a NY DWAI - DRUGS (driving while ability impaired - drugs) conviction? No alcohol was involved - I pled guilty to DWAI drugs which is why NY didn't make me put it in my car.... Now the CT DMV is suspending my license and requiring IID installed for a year...
Yes you do. Follow the directions provided to you in the DMV suspension letter and do not drive your vehicle until you do
Does NY only report DWAI convictions in the tri state area? What state DMVs will NY DWAI conviction be reported to?
A few months ago I pled guilty to a DWAI drugs in NY. I was a CT resident and licensed in CT @ the time. I just moved to FL. Ironically the same day I arrived here, a letter from the CT DMV was sent to my CT address advising me that my CT driving privileges will be suspended in a couple of wks. If I were to obtain a FL license and no longer hold a CT license, will my FL license eventually be suspended even if I wasn't licensed in FL @ the time of the conviction/incident? ALSO, should I have to have an interlock device installed in my car for the CT DMV if it was a drug conviction and no alcohol was involved?
If you're able to remove all the holds, FL won't likely suspend your license.
What to expect in court for a dui in ct and I'm from nh.
Heavy traffic, had a few for stressed, rearended someone.
If you do not hold a Commercial Driver's License and this is your first arrest for DUI, then you may be eligible for...
Can I file a subsequent civil suit against the town and police department in which I was arrested, then acquitted of DUI?
I was arrested for DUI, but found the entire bizarrely excessive at the time. I refused SFST's and arrived at booking. Couldn't contact my attorney, so I called my girlfriend, who's vehicle it was and was also the passenger to try to contact an attorney before I did anything else. She quickly informed me the arresting officer was a well known family acquaintance of hers. He harassed her about dating "a guy like me" and humiliated her for several minutes. I refused any questioning or breathalyzer when she told me this in processing. My lawyer is now getting the case tossed in criminal court with a suspicion of cohersion on the officer's part. It is easy to prove he knew my girlfriend, as she taught his kids for several years. There is tangible evidence. Should I pursue damages?
If you believe that your civil or constitutional rights were violated, you should hire an attorney to investigate your...