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Breathalyzer I was told that the machine was broken, Blood came back negative on all accounts but with a 0.003 alcohol content. when they searched my vehicle a knife was found in the center compartment and I was charged with caring a concealed weapon on my person. restless driving and disorderly conduct in a public place. before I was arrested my phone was put inside the vehicle. I did a roadside sobriety test but was told that I failed when I did the alphabet d to z instead of d to x. lost my job because of a 3 day no show no call , lost my apartment, All the charges were dropped but the reckless driving charge. do I have any recourse against the officer. for arresting me.
The first thing to do is to take care of the criminal charge first. You should speak to a local criminal defense...
interlock in vehicle,drove employees to jobs, met supers, did sales, collected payments, carried fuel/tools, performed maintenance. Company truck was part of job title/position. I was fired confronting Boss for bounced paychecks/employees payroll. Can I be reimbursed for the 6 months of insurance payed by me?
This is posted in the wrong category.
On my Express Consent Affidavit & notice of revocation form in the bar where the officer put my BAC result - the officer wrote "No 02 x 2." I have yet to receive a police report or added paperwork. But I'm wondering what this means. Thank you
This means that the two breath samples were not within .02 of one another. The Intoxilyzer 5000EN in Colorado is...
We would like to hire our son to drive a semi for us. Can he even get a cdl and if so can we afford to insure him?
If the 2 DUIs occurred on or after September 30, 2005, your son won't be able to get a CDL even if both occurred while...
I had DUIs years ago and coached for 4+ years. they than ran another check and kicked me off coaching mid season and I asked why and they said one was a felony which I told them I believed to be a mistake. I never got a copy of my report nor opportunity to fix it. I call a attorney in CA and simply got everything expunged and took the paperwork down to HR and they said they made a decision and dont think there were any errors. I asked to see my file and the simply said no. I was able to find out where they pull the background checks from and got my record updated but the town still will not work with me. DO I have any options? I was never told how to fix it or anyhting other than stop coaching immediately and tell everyone I was busy with work. I have coached 20 seasons!
if in ca an expunged dui doesnot "come off your record" per vshicle code 1203.4, which is severely limited by vehicle...
I blew a BAC of .174 fist time offence. Is there any wiggle room to have interlock for les then 2 years. Haven't gone to court yet. I am in Colorado.
Unfortunately not if you chose to drive. You are considered a persistent drunk driver with a BAC above 0.150 and as...
My liscense suspension is done, it was revoked for a year , however I'm required to install interlock here in Colorado even after the suspension is over . I'm moving to Arizona , will they require me to do the same even though the actual suspension is over ?
You need to contact the attorney that represented you in your DUI case. He will be able to determine whether a compact...