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How can I get my license reinstated if CA DMV shows a DUI suspension for a DUI charge that San Mateo County DA later dismissed?
AFTER LEAVING A bar fight in 2008, I was charged for a misdemeanor DUI (BAC 2.0 ) and several felonies surrounding the bar altercation. After a lengthy year-long trial, I plead down to one misdemeanor charge of battery. All other charges including the DUI were dismissed. I RENEWED MY DL in 2009 without incident. Four years later, a traffic stop in January 2014 resulted in my being cited for driving on suspended license and my vehicle being impounded for 30 days. I have 2 related questions: 1. SINCE I WAS never convicted of a DUI, how do I get the CA DMV to reinstate my license w/o my having to attend DMV mandated drunk school ? And 2. WHAT LIABILITY does DMV share for the money I'm out? For example, are they liable for impound fees, loss of work, or legal fees? Thanks.
The DMV and the court are separate entities. If you never requested a DMV hearing your license was automatically...
My 17 year old daughter was stopped and was issued admin per se for having a BAC higher than 0.01. What do we do from here?
will she be able to drive to work and to school(she will be attending the Santa Rosa Jc next semester and we live in Windsor,35 miles round trip. This might sound silly, she is graduating high school on her 18th bday she has been saving to go to Hawii for graduating with honors 4 days later...the problem the officer took her drivers license..Is there any way of using it or a copy of it for ID that would enable her to fly?
She needs to get CA ID. She also needs an attorney . She is facing one year license suspension because she was under 21...
Lost and desperately in need of help with CA DMV Collections debacle for undue fees!
My girlfriend moved to Nevada from California in 2002. She registered her car in Nevada at that time and surrendered her CA license plates to the Nevada DMV for them to return to the plates California to remove the vehicle from California's systems. All seemed well until 4 months ago. Last year I towed her to California to restore it. I had the car smogged at a CA Smog station and sent her the certificate so she could renew her Nevada registration. Apparently, CA also received notification of the Smog and the CA DMV levied her Nevada bank account for $750 in fees for back registration! She just lost her job and is now pennyless thanks to the State of CA. Repeated calls to both the CA DMV and Franchise Tax Board never go through. She lives in Nevada and can't go to a CA DMV Office! HELP!
You may wish to contact an attorney with an emphasis in DMV law. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation....
Can a juvenile on 6 month probation leave their COUNTY for a vacation trip ?
Hello, I am 17 years old and i was convicted today guilty for DUI. I was put under a 6 month probation and i had planned a weeks trip to Lake Tahoe to visit friends for a full week. Am i allowed to do this? i had no clue before today that i would have to ask permission from my probation officer. I have full permission from both my mom and dad to go on the trip. I had been planning this for a very long time and its tradition to go every winter.What do i do???i mean are they really that strict?? i also have a sister that just recently moved to Marin county for school, am i allowed to go visit her?
You and your parents should speak to the probation officer together. It depends on the conditions of probation whether...
What am I looking at for violation Dui probation 8 days before it was up, with at .02?
I was pulled over for cell phone use, no traffic violation. Asked to do breathalyzer due to the probation. Blew a .02 and the officer took my license. Issued me a 30 temp license and let me drive my own vehicle home. I have no previous offenses besides my Dui, and probation is up in 8 days. Please and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. I drive for a living and am currently worried about what might be the outcome.
I doubt anything will happen. .02 is de minimus. While it is a violation of your probation I doubt anyone will do...
An officer coerced by threatening me after I refused to take a breathalyzer.
I rolled my injuries one else involved. At the scene I very politely refused to answer the officers questions...he did a sobriety test buy no prelim breathalyzer. He arrested me and took me to the station where he put me in a breathalyzer room with just the two of us. I politely refused the breathalyzer and he got mad and told me if I refused the breathalyzer that they would strap me down and take blood anyway and that if I refused the breathalyzer I would also lose my license for a year and still get strapped down so what did I want to do. I feel I was threatened and coerced into giving a non consensual breathalyzer test in violation of 4th amendment.
Your rights were not violated. California j as an implied consent law. If you drive you consent to take a blood,...
Will my license stay suspended for missing jury duty?
I'm on a restricted license (not for DUI) and I was summoned to jury duty, but I failed to show up because I just forgot. I've read that the courts can suspend your license for failure to appear, but will they deny reinstating it?
Generally the courts do not notify dmv in failure to report for jury duty