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How can I get my license reinstated if CA DMV shows a DUI suspension for a DUI charge that San Mateo County DA later dismissed?
AFTER LEAVING A bar fight in 2008, I was charged for a misdemeanor DUI (BAC 2.0 ) and several felonies surrounding the bar altercation. After a lengthy year-long trial, I plead down to one misdemeanor charge of battery. All other charges including the DUI were dismissed. I RENEWED MY DL in 2009 without incident. Four years later, a traffic stop in January 2014 resulted in my being cited for driving on suspended license and my vehicle being impounded for 30 days. I have 2 related questions: 1. SINCE I WAS never convicted of a DUI, how do I get the CA DMV to reinstate my license w/o my having to attend DMV mandated drunk school ? And 2. WHAT LIABILITY does DMV share for the money I'm out? For example, are they liable for impound fees, loss of work, or legal fees? Thanks.
The DMV and the court are separate entities. If you never requested a DMV hearing your license was automatically...
Lost and desperately in need of help with CA DMV Collections debacle for undue fees!
My girlfriend moved to Nevada from California in 2002. She registered her car in Nevada at that time and surrendered her CA license plates to the Nevada DMV for them to return to the plates California to remove the vehicle from California's systems. All seemed well until 4 months ago. Last year I towed her to California to restore it. I had the car smogged at a CA Smog station and sent her the certificate so she could renew her Nevada registration. Apparently, CA also received notification of the Smog and the CA DMV levied her Nevada bank account for $750 in fees for back registration! She just lost her job and is now pennyless thanks to the State of CA. Repeated calls to both the CA DMV and Franchise Tax Board never go through. She lives in Nevada and can't go to a CA DMV Office! HELP!
You may wish to contact an attorney with an emphasis in DMV law. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation....
Can a juvenile on 6 month probation leave their COUNTY for a vacation trip ?
Hello, I am 17 years old and i was convicted today guilty for DUI. I was put under a 6 month probation and i had planned a weeks trip to Lake Tahoe to visit friends for a full week. Am i allowed to do this? i had no clue before today that i would have to ask permission from my probation officer. I have full permission from both my mom and dad to go on the trip. I had been planning this for a very long time and its tradition to go every winter.What do i do???i mean are they really that strict?? i also have a sister that just recently moved to Marin county for school, am i allowed to go visit her?
You and your parents should speak to the probation officer together. It depends on the conditions of probation whether...
Can a city send bill to recover costs for emergency services CA53150 if the person has not yet been convicted of a DUI?
Constitutionally speaking the assumption of guilt should not give permission to send the hill and make a demand for due prior to a conviction. Furthermore the letter received does not provide and rights to dispute or itemization to validate the amount charged. Guilty or not, I am shocked to find that the basic innocent until proven guilty would not apply here. In speaking with the city directly on this we were told " our system generate invoices based on tag filters with certain violation codes noted in the report of a responding officer. We do not have access to court decisions on these matters. We rely on you to dispute it. " I responded " there is no information included that indicates I have any rights and none on a dispute process whatsoever ." And her closing reply was " I should inform you that if you do not pay we will turn you over to collection and then it wil ruin your credit. You apparently have a total dusregard for the law. Would you like me to note that in your fine here or will you be sending in your payment ". This feels like harassment and abuse to recover fees thru intimidation and purposely omitting information if obligation to pay.
Sorry you feel this way, but your complaint is with the legislature.
Can I get House Arrest? FOR 3 DUI in California
Hello, I am convicted of my 3 dui in Sonoma County California. I have a full time job in a winery as a Cellar Master. I have 2 kids 8,and 9 years old. The offer I got was Dui court. However this program will not work with my job situation since I am exposed to vino all day long. Is there another Jail Alternative? ?
Hmmmmmm, if you've been convicted, what does YOUR lawyer say about this?
Alternative writ of mandate against dmv
Can you as the petitioner lawyer file a motion to suppress a chemical refusal charge in a writ of mandate case against the dmv if there are enough grounds in the records and transcripts to do so before the date set for trial?
"Petition a lawyer". " DMV Writ" "suppression motions". " trial".... Asker... You've got just about everyone...
Is there still a record 30+ years later of my DUI or do you think I can "get away" with answering no.
I was charged and I think convicted of a misdemeanor DUI with special circumstances (my BAC was .23) in CA in about 1984. I no longer have any record of this incident nor have I been charged for any crime since. I plead no contest, it was my first offence, I was fined, required to go driver school and had 3 years probation. I am now applying for a health care program in CA where the application asks if I ever have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony.
You might want to try to petition the court to dismiss the case before applying for the job. Chances are the case will...