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  • OSP: Woman killed in Braceville Twp. crash after try...

    Saturday Aug 13 | via WFMJ-TV Youngstown 

    Officials with the Ohio State Highway Patrol say the crash happened on State Route 534, a half mile north of Route 5 at 7:50 p.m. Preliminary investigation shows 52-year-old Crystal Adamson of Windham, Ohio died in the crash after trying to pass another vehicle in a no passing zone. Oncoming traffic in the northbound lane caused her to lose control, driving off the road, hitting a tree and a utility pole.


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Nov. 2013 I had a Failure to reinstate in Ohio, How long does that stay on your record
I am applying to become a Lyft driver to earn extra money, the ONLY thing that popped up was a failure to reinstate in Nov. 2013, They said it may disqualify me because its a major violation. I also was wondering if I can petition the courts to get that removed so close to the 3 year mark of the violation.
This forum cannot be used as a substitute for actually going to see an attorney in your area. Each post made here comes...
What is the best way to resolve a failure to appear bench warrant?
I pled guilty last year to reckless operation of a motor vehicle. As part of the deal, I was required to attend a 3 day driver intervention class, which I failed to do.
Contact a local attorney. He or she can help guide through turning yourself in so that you can get out as quickly as...
How much would a lawyer be? how much would you charge ?
I got an ovi because I blew a .025
It is hard to answer your question because attorney pricing is so variable. I know attorneys in my area that have...
How likely is it that the SCRAM would be removed if my lawyer and I asked for permission for removal?
I got my first DUI in early February and after my first appearance with the judge, I was put on SCRAM because of my alcohol content. I have a lawyer and have another hearing this Thursday. I haven't had a problem not drinking but this device on my ankle is just bothersome. And with the summer months approaching, I was hoping to have it removed.
It is unusual that a SCRAM unit would be ordered on a first OVI unless your test was extremely high. Having been on the...
What should I plead for my first OVI?
At 2:30 am, I was pulled over for speeding at 53 mph in a 45 mph zone. The cop pulled me over, and smelled alcohol on my breath and noticed I had bloodshot eyes. He had me do the breathalyzer test, he had me walk in a straight line, had me follow his pen with my eyes, and stand on one leg. He arrested me and took me to the station. I blew a .10 on the station breathalyzer. The officer took me home after this and seized my license. I am due in court on Monday. I cannot afford a lawyer, and the free legal services through my university are closed for break. I am not sure which would be beneficial for me: to plead no contest or guilty?
Plead Not Guilty. Tell the Judge that you cannot afford a lawyer, and ask the Court to appoint you one. OVI is a...
Ohio took my pa license after an ovi, can I get this back to use in pa?
My bac was .127, this is my first offense and I have only attended my arraignment thus far. I have an apartment in Ohio but am a permanent pa resident with a pa license. They took my license at the station and put me on an automatic suspension. Do I have a right to keep my physical license? Can I get it back? Do I have driving rights in pa? Or driving rights prior to an actual conviction? I have no ID at all right now, what do I do?
You are suspended in Ohio only at this time, until you hear otherwise from Pa. You can appeal the suspension, but it...
I have been planning to move to South Korea to teach for years. I just got arrested for a DUI. Will I always be barred from SK?
dui is considered a felony in SK.
You need to consult with an immigration and criminal attorney. OVI convictions can block visas and passports in many...