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Can I get back my license early on a 3 year revocation for 2nd DUI while on DUI probation and a BAC refusal.
They had my BAC level in court. I am getting both DUIs dismissed by completing a 1 year substance abuse program for a possession charge. Court will dismiss DUIs , possesion and end my probation upon graduation. I am almost halfway through DUI classes as well and 1.5 years into my revocation. I have proof from court and probation of continued sobriety through testing and monthly court progress appearances.
I don't think you will get it back early because of the refusal. Refusal established at DMV results in a 1 year...
Can I transfer a court appointed DUI program from California to another state? (Specifically Oregon)
18 month multiple offender program. Drivers license is Florida based, got the DUI in California. I'm 4 months in, and have done all other requirements including SCRAM device and house arrest. Is it possible to see a judge and switch to a program equivalent to mine? Though, the only program I can find in Oregon is a one year diversion program. Hypothetically speaking, if I am allowed to move and complete the program in Oregon, how would I go about reinstating my license? Would I have to go to California and get one? Or would my license only be able to be attained in Oregon after completion of their diversion program? Or is this something I need to ask A DMV official? As of right now, I'm not even sure about transferring. I will ask to see a judge this week for that.
You would need to speak to someone at the court as well as the program to see if it is possible to switch or transfer...
Can California suspend my license for a DUI 10 years ago in Minnesota when I fulfilled all the requirements in Minnesota?
I tried to apply for a CA license after moving back 10 years from Minnesota. I was told I had a DUI and after being really confused she told me it was in Minnesota in 2006. Even though I did all the requirements classes, fees, fines, probation in Minnesota and still have my Minnesota license, Can California suspend my license and make me do a 90 day treatment program and get an SR 22? This was 10 years ago in a State other than California and I paid all my time and dues and classes!!!! That don't make sense!!!
It all depends on what CA DMV says. You can hire an attorney to go over all of your paperwork and tell you what action...
Can my DUI be reduced to a "wet reckless"
If I was in a accident where no one got hurt and I blew a .09 is there a chance? 23 years of life this is my first time getting in trouble with the law. The car I hit no one was in and I only damaged my vehicle. Was very tired and fell asleep a split second that's all it took. My blood was taken and stayed in jail for 3 days got released without seeing a judge and just with just a pink paper no court date at all. I scheduled a dmv hearing but no sure if it's possible to win? This happened in San Bernardino county
Anything is possible, but with an accident, the chances of a reduction are less than without one. I suggest you retain...
How long does the state have to file formal charges against me for a misdemeanor DUI before I can seek dismissal?
I was arrested May22nd for a DUI, my citation had a court date for July 20th. I hired a lawyer to represent me, had an approved waiver so that he would go in my place, it is now July 21st and I was informed the day of that no charges have been filed against me. So, couple questions, honestly. Did I "Miss" my court date, as no charges were filed yet neither I nor apparently my lawyer went to court (How can I face charges if none were filed). Is there a time limit at which I can seek dismissal or the charges simply go away, and following this can I get an arrest expunged from my record as I never faced charges, if in fact I am able to get it dismissed or simply 'run the clock' I heard 90 days, 30 days, 45 days, either way It's nearly two months later and still nothing.
In California, the DA has up to `1 year from the date of arrest to file charges. Cases aren't filed by the first court...
DUI probation violation?
I already did a 5 month sentence on my 3rd DUI, had to go to a MADD class, wear a scram for 30 days, pay over $3000 in fines and go to DUI classes. I stop going to my DUI classes due to lack of time on my schedule. What sentence is usually imposed for a violation of probation if it's still a misdemeanor and I already served 150 days? Thank you
Out of riverside? 20-30 days at half time.
My question. I was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver. No insurance.
we hired a lawyer. From my understanding we can only really do anything regarding the medical part. This accident happened over 2 months ago and I just now got word that my car is a total loss. The collision place had my car over a month. I am now without a car and although I am getting some money back I don't find it fair that I'm out of a car and a good car with really low mileage. Is there anything I can do?
Get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. You will probably need a lawyer to deal with the insurance companies...