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Need help with dui case
I Was on probation were I than violated and was sent to jail, I was released and put on probation in a separate county I saw my probation officer on November 24th who than advised me I still owe a fine of almost $800 and am suppose to take a dui class that cost almost $400 I have a job but they have only been using me about one day a week, my wife works two jobs but it's supporting us and paying off our previous lawyer my deadline is tomorrow October 10 I already put in a motion to extend my probation but have not heard back yet. What will happen? What should I do? I have many questions with limited time.
Ask for a public defender to assist you to get you an extension.
How many times will a DUI hearing be continued?
My ex has two pending DUIs currently, one has been continued 6 times (now over 10 months after the arrest) in Pinellas County, the other 11 times (now 15 months after the arrest) in Hillsborough count. This seems like a bad joke. I have an interest in her actually facing consequences since we're in a custody dispute. Is this common and how long can this go on for?
It can be continues as long as the judge is willing to allow the continuance. There are often strategic reasons for...
Was refusing the BAC a bad idea? DUI arrest help
I got arrested for the fist time yesterday....charged with a DUI, i refused the BAC, possession of a controlled substance (prescribed sleeping pills), cannabis less than 20 grams and paraphernalia. I can't afford an attorney, what should i do? also they took my car. I refused the BAC because i would have shown i was under the influence of other non prescribed drugs.
If you cannot afford a private attorney you need to request the services of the Public Defender. Do not discuss the...
How to get paid? Drove truck otr. 1 month for an owner who got a DUI and couldn't drive anymore now he's refusing to pay me.
We had an agreement that I would drive the truck like it's mine and pay him $15k for it, all he would be taking from the weekly pay I generated would be the taxes. The first two weeks pay he said the Company took for back truck payments at $500 a week which he owed, the third weed I met his broker in VA. who told me she would be doing my payroll for him I told her that's not the agreement me and the owner have, all monies I made is mines except the taxes, truck payments and operational costs since then I have not been paid.
You need to file a law suit. This is not a DUi issue.
Can a probation officer take a mothers children from her because she cannot afford to yet pay for court ordered dui classes?
My friend has been told that the tampa probation officer will take her children because she doesn't have the money to pay for dui school.
I hope this is not legal in Florida. It would be best for you to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney in...
My husband was involves with 4 car accident and he was accused for DUI. do i need a lawyer for this case? how much it cost?
The state patrol brought my husband to the jail for alcohol test. And they said my husband is at fault for all the cars involves, his on the last..
Yes, your husband needs a good criminal defense attorney now, preferably one specializing on DUI/DWI defense. You can...
How do I consolidate two different citation number that are from the same case.
I was involved in a DUI crash in 2004, the accident happened at 11pm, I received one citation on the 5/1/04 around 11 something at night and then the other citation was written after midnight on 5/2/04, this is making my driving record look like I have 2 separate DUI's one on 5/1 and the other of 5/2. I was told that I need to get them combined. How do I go about doing this?
If these cases are closed, there is not much that you can do. Are both cases involving a DUI charge? You can be...