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2nd owi operating under restricted controlled substance
I was arrested while sitting behind the wheel in my car. My girlfriend had the keys in the store. I passed the subriaty test, told the office I had two beers earlier but came up .00, was taken for blood test. Any substance I would have besides a small trace if any of thc, I have a proscription for I told the officer. I told them you will find adderall, hydrocodon, and oxycodon, I have valid proscription s for Received a letter stating no ethanol was detected. The officers all kept saying I was under the influence of heroin which I was not. I am on diversion agreement for a case that will be closed in February but if I'm convicted of this. I will be revocked on my agreement. These officer have wanted me to work for them sense my 1st case but I refused to help
You raise a number of issues, all of which need to be addressed by an experienced OWI attorney. First, did the...
OWI 5th , 6th. Violated absolute sobriety parole condition, what will happen, he is sitting in county jail now waiting
What will the PO Officer do?,
Either revocation, or a treatment ATR seem the most likely outcomes. Absent more information, I'd guess revocation, and...
Can i have a co-parent court ordered to an AA program without a dui? Wouldnt this be considered the best interest of the child.
i have texts, and enough documentation to order the no drink order prior to and during visitation. But if i ask the judge in the Proposed Parenting Plan is it something that i can ask for. How would you advise a client to handle this?
The proposed parent plan is not a controlling document; many courts ignore the requirement of the parenting plan. AA...
My underage son received citations for OWI, disorderly, and disorderly with a motor vehicle.
He was not driving at the time the sheriff showed up. However the neighbors had called to report a disorderly intoxicated person. He was arrested after taking the sobriety tests and a blood test was then given: .185 was the result. He was resistant to arrest, belligerant, etc. The disorderly is now a criminal matter. Is there any way to get the criminal complaint reduced to a misdemeanor? Is there anyway to get rid of the OWI in exchange, perhaps, for underage drinking? Any other thoughts on defense would be appreciated.
These are always possibilities but he will need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney for any hope...
How do you get a DUI when sober?!?! What do I do when I've been harrassed and profiled?
I got pulled over with my son in car for tail light n ended up with a DUI!!! I passed every test n blew 0's! Willingly gave blood. Was terrified n totally harrassed. My son was also completely terrified! He's lost sleep. I'm a broke single mother who really needs some help.
See previous answers.
Can an office issue a PAC before an intox test.
I was giving a OWI and an PAC in Wisconsin. The time on the OWI citation was 10:34 PM, PAC citation was 11:34 PM and the time on the intox test at the station was 00:34. Can someone be cited for PAC before an intox test is done? Is this time line normal?
The EC/IR (breath test contraption) may have had the wrong time. Or the officer may have written the wrong time on the...
I was pulled over for not signaling a turn and subsequently arrested for DUI. The officer wrote in his statement...(cont'd)
...that upon reviewing the video evidence he did see that I signaled my turn but the blinker was slower than normal and that's why he didn't see it. I hired an attorney but still got convicted. Is there anything else I can do? I go in for sentencing on March 12th.
Generally if your attorney filed a motion to suppress and the judge denied it, your attorney can move for a...