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How does my bca go down from street to station ?
Ok i left bar at 3:00am walk to cab company. Went in and they said come back in an hr walk back to truck fell asleep when i woke up i felt fine so i drove police pulled out right behind me and followed me for about 7 miles i turned into a parking lot and turn around police went by i was suppose to turn at next light so i turn left and then headed to next light which was green before i got threw light police came back threw i yelded to him and turn left. He then wiped his car around before i was all the way threw light and pulled me over i blew twice he said i blew to hard first time and second time it was .08 on street and then at station i blew a .07 now dosent your bac go up not down over time. got a public defender and they said they cant get it lowerd
If you're not pleased with the PD's work on your case, you're more than welcome to hire private counsel to represent...
Diffrence between dwi and reckless driving?
What would be conditions be for getting a reckless driving, instead of dwi?
http://ypdcrime.com/vt/article33.htm#t1212. reckless driving is 1212 https://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/the-vehicle-...
Can I get dwi reduced to reckless driving, and would that allow me to keep my licence?
Need to have a licence for work just wondering if reckless driving would be better. This would be third offense, 1st in 15 years
It is very unlikely that the DA will plea out DWI to anything under a DWAI violation, which still imposed license...
How much jail time would I serve after 8 months out of 3 years of probation completed?
I got a DWI and sentenced 3 years of probation. I paid my fine, went to the impact course, and completed a 12 week treatment program for DWI's. But my last 3 drug tests came back positive for THC not alcohol. I was considering jail time after 8 months of probation. I haven't missed and an appointment with the probation officer. But I was wondering how much jail time would I have to serve? I'm not sure if I will get violated from my drug tests.
You could be sentenced to up to one year in the county jail which with good behavior ends up being 8 months.
Can I change my plea, it's not what I agreed to?
I was told if he able to get. A conditional licence for 6months, then my license would be reinstated. But dmv said I can't get conditional license for 6 months
I can't imagine your attorney not being specific about the exact outcome of your plea. Maybe you need a new attorney?...
How can I challenge a dmv decision on conditional licence?
The judge and district attorney signed off on me getting conditional licence, and dmv is saying no. I was convicted of dwi, misdemeanor. I had conditional licence 18 years ago.
You have to exhaust your administrative remedies (the internal DMV appeals) and then file an Article 78 in Supreme Court.
How can I get a conditional licence?
I was convicted of dwi, misdemeanor. Judge and district attorney signed off on me getting conditional licence with interlock, but dmv saying that I can't for 6 months and I need a conditional licence at least for work or I'm firerd
Have you had a prior conditional license as a result of a DWAI conviction within the past 5 years? If so, you are not...