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No response to motion to suppress?
my lawyer filed a motion to suppress based on a bad stop and the state has yet to respond at all as far as I know. is this a good sign? don't they have a time frame in which they have to respond?
Yes they probably were given a date to respond. You should discuss this with your attorney as they are in best...
Breath test "incomplete"
After 15 minute observation period I was administered a breath test. It read incomplete. Does the cop have to wait 15 minutes again before retesting?
There is usually a 20 minute observation period prior to attempting to give the 1st sample, then a 2-4 minute wait...
I had a seizure while driving and when pulled over I was charged with a DUI.
Count One - 6-9 months as with 24 months probation std w/ specials: A1c, 3, 4, 5, must not buy, have, consume regulated drugs nor possess w/o valid RX;not engage in criminal behavior; random urinalysis. I was driving and had a seizure. When pulled over I explained to the officer I was having a seizure. They charged me with DUI - drugs. THey drew blood but tests not back yet.
The best advice anyone can give you is to hire the best lawyer you can find and fight this charge against you. I trust...
First offense dui
If I fight it and don't accept states offer against me can they present a worse offer?
If you reject the offer they do not have to re-offer it if you have "buyer's remorse." If you don't like an offer all...
Can a cop say i had bloodshot eyes if i was in my car and he was in his still ??
he pulled up to my window at night and said i had bloodshot eyes and used that along with the fact that i had pulled over for maybe a minute in a parking lot to fix my stereo, as probably cause for dui. At which point he asked for my license and then ran it and had an emergency call come in so he ordered me to stay there while another cop came to do sobriety tests. can he really detain me on this alone??
An officer may invetstigate a person that has bloodshot eyes to see if impaired conduct is present.
Can I represent myself in criminal court?
I got arrested for my first DUI, and make too much money to qualify for a public defender. I cannot afford a lawyer!
Ask yourself, do I really want to go it alone? The Judge Cannot Help You Remember, if you are going to represent...
I was the passenger in my car and the person driving said I had been driving earlier I hadn't. I got arrested too.
We both had been drinking, but the person driving had a suspended license. I think she aS trying to cover her butt by saying she HAD to drive because I wasn't able to. I also git arrested and charged. How can I fight this? I didn't know a police officer could use someone's oral stAtement as evidence to arrest someone when there is no proof that I drive that car. What should I do?
I am not licensed in Vermont, but the issue is something I have seen in CA more than once. First of all, in Vermont,...