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  • Gunfire in Wilmington kills mother of 2

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Central Ohio 

    Two young boys were left motherless Tuesday after gun violence erupted in the West Center City neighborhood, claiming the life of a 24-year-old woman and injuring a second woman. Arteise Brown's oldest son, 4-year-old Haiden, knows his mother was shot, but relatives are not sure if he comprehends the totality of the incident.


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Wilmington Law

Will i get drug tested?
I was put in jail for underage consumption. When i go to court, will i get drug tested, or put in a program where i will be dug tested? Probation, drugs and alcohol class, etc.
For the best answer to this, you would likely need to consult with a criminal defense/dui/underage consumption attorney...
Can 2 duis in 2012 in ohio be concealed from ohio board of nursing upon license renewal
I have 2 duis in 2012 in ohio; no one except me was injured; 1st .08. 2nd .24 I had broken neck; can I conceal my guilty plea from ohio board of nursing upon renewal?
No. I believe the application asks if you have any criminal convictions. You must disclose the OVI in the renewal...
I have 2 duis in ohio in 2012, the first a .08, the second .24; I was alone both times; 1st no injury, 2nd, broken neck; jailo?
does the proximity and high level of blood alchol in 2nd case affect my outcome? I was under unique stress at time, can this help me?
Two DUIs within a relatively short period of time one with a high breath test results and injury make it difficult to...
Do i got a chance at beating a dui case if my miranda rights were not read to me before being placed under arrest in ohio?
i got areested and no miranda rights were read to me
No. Miranda vs. Arizona does not apply here. Hire a lawyer and he'll explain.
Can a father file for full custody in ohio if mother (divorced) lives with criminal, both have recent DUIs, and he hit son?"
My friend is divorced from a woman, 2 duis in 2012, .08,024, and her boyfriend drunk at time and drunk driving, hit his son; can he file for sole custody, and can she be charged with child endangerment?
I changed your main topic to divorce because this is a post judgment motion and it will get broader attention. It will...
I rufused breathalizer test after bogus trafic stop and was arrested OWI how do I beat this?
The Ohio State Highway Patrole pulled me over leaving a club in Wilmington, Ohio. It was raining and I was on my Harley and had been drinking Coca Cola at the bar. He said I was speending, which I do not believe to be true and then went strainght into field sobriety test, which was given on an uneven, slopped driveway, in the rain, while I was dressed in full riding leathers head to toe. I supposedly failed the test, due to pre-existing lower back injury well documented and untreated (I take no medications). Then I was placed under arrest for 37mph in a 25mph zone, no MC endorsement and OWI. I refused a breathalizer test after being arrested and having asked to consult with an attorney. I am also on federal supervised release.
The facts you have related raise numerous issues concerning probable cause for the stop, the officer's decision to...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't blow....now I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...