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I was put in jail for underage consumption. When i go to court, will i get drug tested, or put in a program where i will be dug tested? Probation, drugs and alcohol class, etc.
For the best answer to this, you would likely need to consult with a criminal defense/dui/underage consumption attorney...
I have 2 duis in 2012 in ohio; no one except me was injured; 1st .08. 2nd .24 I had broken neck; can I conceal my guilty plea from ohio board of nursing upon renewal?
No. I believe the application asks if you have any criminal convictions. You must disclose the OVI in the renewal...
does the proximity and high level of blood alchol in 2nd case affect my outcome? I was under unique stress at time, can this help me?
Two DUIs within a relatively short period of time one with a high breath test results and injury make it difficult to...
i got areested and no miranda rights were read to me
No. Miranda vs. Arizona does not apply here. Hire a lawyer and he'll explain.
My friend is divorced from a woman, 2 duis in 2012, .08,024, and her boyfriend drunk at time and drunk driving, hit his son; can he file for sole custody, and can she be charged with child endangerment?
I changed your main topic to divorce because this is a post judgment motion and it will get broader attention. It will...
The Ohio State Highway Patrole pulled me over leaving a club in Wilmington, Ohio. It was raining and I was on my Harley and had been drinking Coca Cola at the bar. He said I was speending, which I do not believe to be true and then went strainght into field sobriety test, which was given on an uneven, slopped driveway, in the rain, while I was dressed in full riding leathers head to toe. I supposedly failed the test, due to pre-existing lower back injury well documented and untreated (I take no medications). Then I was placed under arrest for 37mph in a 25mph zone, no MC endorsement and OWI. I refused a breathalizer test after being arrested and having asked to consult with an attorney. I am also on federal supervised release.
The facts you have related raise numerous issues concerning probable cause for the stop, the officer's decision to...
i am asking what the average cost of a second dui within exactly 12 years i am charged in alliance muni court stark county ohio i blew a .14 and gave a urine sample i am drug free thank goodness will it be altogether around 2500 dollars with the 500 reinstatement fee included in this can a stark county attorney answer me in ohio
I'm not from the area and can't speak to local pricing, but in general with attorneys you get what you pay for. When...