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If you abscond from probation/drug court will you recieve your maximum suspended sentence?
For example my buddy has a 1-3 yr suspended sentence would he go do the year minimum or all 3?
If your buddy absconds, probation will certainly request revocation. If the judge agrees, he will receive whatever the...
Can you get out of dwi that you were never in the car for ? Just a witness saying you were driving?
Witness called cops and said I was driving and when police arrived I had had some drinks , so I got arrested for dwi
Depends on how reliable the witness' testimony is, where you were, what your breath alcohol was, how old you are.......
Can a North Carolina Limited Driving Privilege be transferred to other states?
I have an NC ignition interlock limited driving privilege that strictly allows me to drive only for work related purposes. If I take a job in any other state, can I transfer the driving privilege to that state or will I have to get a new privilege?
The specific answer to your question will come from your attorney knowing all the facts and evidence and court orders,...
Can you stop for any purpose en route home with a limited driving privilege?
Is it okay to stop to buy groceries on the way home from work with a limited driving privilege? My limited driving privilege with an ignition interlock only allows me to drive for work-related purposes but say if there's a grocery store on the same road that leads to my house, would it be a problem if a cop questions me for any reason? Or am I way over-thinking this? My limited driving privilege allows me to drive 24/7 for work related purposes and I don't plan on misusing it but it is really hard to live without being able to get basic necessities.
It is a privilege to drive the vehicle. It is limited to work related things only. However, the chances of you...
Can I drive for household maintenance with limited driving privilege in NC?
I just received a limited driving privilege. I was convicted of DWI (level 5) with BAC greater 0.15. In the form that I received, boxes 2 & 3 are checked allowing me to drive for work-related, religious worship or educational purposes at any time and day of the week. However, box 1b) for maintenance of household during standard working hours - is unchecked. Does this mean I can drive only for work but not to get groceries? Or does work-related include such activities? Thanks!
Under an ignition interlock limited driving privilege you may only drive for work-related purposes, not household...
What are a persons rights at dui checkpoints
I have always been curious about an individuals rights at dui checkpoints... I've read before that when stopped by an officer that you don't even have to roll your window down as long as you place your I'd and registration in a bag out the top of it. And then I recently just watched this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch? time_continue=319&v=tLnhSl1ajyc ..... so what are citizens rights at dui checkpoints? What are we required to do and cooperate with? And also does this guy in the video have any recourse for the dog scratching his car? And do we really have any rights at all when they can simply exagerate a dogs reaction and say that he hit on the car?
You have a lot of questions but the easiest answer is that you simply have the right to refuse all field sobriety tests....
Got a DUI in NC about 10yrs ago. Medical issues forced a move to NY, so its still out there, unresolved. Can this be remedied?
I don't drink, ever? I have a seizure disorder and a severe ptsd disorder that both cause blackouts and actions unintended. I initially plead guilty thinking I could explain to the judge the circumstances, as I had no recollection of drinking or otherwise. One minute I am in my house recoveringfrom neck surgery, the next memory is awakening in the ER handcuffed to the bed. So, by my own ignorance of court process I now had a misdemeanor and about to be put into the NC probation system. Initially, I hired a lawyer to contest it and he saw a good case since I had no prior record and documented history of dissociative behavior making it basically "not guilty by reason of mental defect" or something to that effect. Housing and medical issues forced a move to ny. My intention was to go back for the court date and fix this. Disability and money made it impossible to return to NC for court dates. I figure I might have probation violations, bench warrants or more. Can I be extradited? How do i fix this? Havent driven since
Contact a local defense attorney. You will need someone who can look up the current status of the case and advise you...