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  • Wilmington couple arrested in retail theft case

    33 min ago | via Free Press 

    While investigating the shattered front door and attempted burglary at Doc's Drugs that occurred late Friday night, Wilmington Police discovered that their suspect was also responsible for a retail theft at the neighboring Whitmore Ace Hardware, where he and his girlfriend walked out with nearly $600 worth of DeWalt power tools. Early Saturday afternoon, Carl Parham, 32, and Jessie Northcutt, 27 - both Wilmington residents - were involved in a traffic accident in Stickney, IL, where they had gone to sell the stolen tools at a pawn shop.


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Anyone succeed at dismissing or plea bargaining a first offense owi case in wisconsin?
Illinois licensed driver; arrested for first OWI in Wisconsin; court case is pending. Is there anyway they will drop it down or dismiss? I will face a lot harsher penalities on my drivers license here then I would of if I still lived in Wisconsin (I was visiting family in Wisconsin at the time) Wisconsin has now administratively suspended my drivers license in their state.
If IL does revoke you, any time you spent suspended in WI that caused you hardship in WI can be credited to your IL...
Will wisconsin dmv report owi to illinois dmv?
i have a pending owi case in wisconsin and an illinois drivers license. i live in illinois will wisconsin report the owi if convicted to the state of illinois dmv? because i have read wisconsin is not part of the interstate compact act nor participates in the national driver registry. so does that mean they will not contact illinois dmv? if so what are outcomes of wisconsin owi and illinois drivers license?
Yes they will and the Illinois Secretary of State will revoke your license even if you are a first time offender who...
If a wife calls her husband for driving drunk and does not sign the complaint, can the state prosecute?
husband was driving drunk, not in reckless or careless manner. he was pulled over due to the phone call alone. he was taken to the hospital because of chest pains and they did a blood alcohol test without permission.
The 911 call or tip to a police information line likely created enough probable cause for a traffic stop. The...
AGG Count 1, AGG Count 2 what exactly does this mean?
My sister was hit by a drunk driver 2 months ago and he was charged with AGG Count 1, AGG Count 2 and Failure to Reduce Speed. What exactly does this mean? And what could this mean with him doing his time in jail? Does this also mean he is not being charged with a DUI? Because I found out this is his 2nd one.
AGG is an abbreviation for aggravated.
Is there a statute of limitations on drug use?
I tried ecstacy for the first time a couple weeks ago, & am a fairly paranoid person & now want to get tested for liver, kidney, & pancreas problems, especially since they run in the family. Thing is, I am scared to make an appointment because I want to be as open & honest with my reasons as possible, but I do not want legal action or anything likewise to occur. I figured I am going to wait out making a doctors appointment until my statute of limitations has passed, however, even then I would NOT under ANY circumstance want to throw the person who bought it for me, as well as the person they bought it from, under the bus. Is there a chance I could be questioned on who, when, where, etc. etc.? I know I shouldn't have done a drug if I was only going to be concerned about the health risks it may have brought later, so please to not preach to me. I just want answers, & I am not a "junky" I was just experimenting and it was my first time. I've never in the past been ashamed to tell a doctor about weed or liquor usage, though I'm only 19, since weed is becoming so widely popular and accepted & underage drinking isn't exactly a shocker, but I'm scared that admitting to X will be different
You can take care of your health and still be smart about it. Go to an out-of-state teaching hospital (Highest...
What's my best option besides jail or getting charged as a felon?
Third time getting pulled over for suspended license due to dui, I am single mom and I can't risk going to jail or felon this would end my career in the health care. I need answers.
Your best option is to hire a lawyer right away. You are not going to solve this with online help. A lawyer can look...
Will I be drug tested in will county for going 109mi an hr in a 65mi an hour zone?
I've been accused of going 109 mi/hr in a 65mi/hr zone. I have gone to court monthly for about 6 months and have never been drug tested. I go to court in 4 days for trial. I want to know if I will be drug tested? Guilty or not, will I be drug tested?
If you are found not guilty there are no conditions of drug testing. However, if you are found guilty after trial, and...