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Illinois licensed driver; arrested for first OWI in Wisconsin; court case is pending. Is there anyway they will drop it down or dismiss? I will face a lot harsher penalities on my drivers license here then I would of if I still lived in Wisconsin (I was visiting family in Wisconsin at the time) Wisconsin has now administratively suspended my drivers license in their state.
If IL does revoke you, any time you spent suspended in WI that caused you hardship in WI can be credited to your IL...
i have a pending owi case in wisconsin and an illinois drivers license. i live in illinois will wisconsin report the owi if convicted to the state of illinois dmv? because i have read wisconsin is not part of the interstate compact act nor participates in the national driver registry. so does that mean they will not contact illinois dmv? if so what are outcomes of wisconsin owi and illinois drivers license?
Yes they will and the Illinois Secretary of State will revoke your license even if you are a first time offender who...
husband was driving drunk, not in reckless or careless manner. he was pulled over due to the phone call alone. he was taken to the hospital because of chest pains and they did a blood alcohol test without permission.
The 911 call or tip to a police information line likely created enough probable cause for a traffic stop. The...
And what are my chances of going to jail if i blew really high?? First Time offender
You may not go to jail but yo have some serious problems. Please hire a good DUI defense attorney ASAP. On of the...
How to I go about getting it back since I'm the registered owner and I'm the only one working and have to support 4 minor children
You need to get an attorney immediately to assist. You have a real issue if you were letting your husband drive knowing...
It was a class A misdemeanor (45 over in a 45) and in January agreed to traffic class, fines, 150 hours of community service and a year conditional discharge and was told I had 6 months to complete the first 3 requirements. In February I received a DUI with my license being suspended as of April. I have the money to pay the fine and take the class but none of the community service done. Beginning of July is the deadline for all the requirements for the class a case. What are my options?
Only sensible option is to get a lawyer. You might want to volunteer to do Jail time in lieu of community service but...
I have 3 prior DUI's (2012, 2007, 1996) and I completed the required probationary requirements. My license is revoked in Illinois after the 2007 one. My last one was in Missouri. I am now trying to reinstate my license in Illinois (just moved back here 4 months ago). I went to go get an evaluation report put together. I tested positive for pot during the drug test they gave me. Will this adversely affect my evaluation report to the state when I go in for my hearing? Should I get clean, and then redo the evaluation report with another provider? I want to do whatever will best ensure my chances of getting my drivers license or at least a permit back.
I see no one has answered your question. Consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a free consultation.