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First Offender/Criminal Record for a DUI
I came in under the first offender law in Delaware for a DUI, how does that affect my criminal record? I'm an out of state resident (in Virginia) Do I have to worry about background checks? Thanks,
If you completed the First Offender Program in Delaware, your case was then dismissed. Any record that goes beyond...
What can I do now? DE-MD mess
DE driver pulled over then changed with DWI in MD. MD lawyer accepted case and fee. Advised to do certain "MD" expected DUI related "classes", etc. Then told me I would need a DE lawyer for the DE part of this process. Shouldn't the MD lawyer have told me he could not take the case before accepting and continuing? NOT happy with lawyer.....NOT comfortable with process, NOT good outcome. Court date was March 2016. Received sentence and penance, etc.
I am not sure that I understand your question. If you were convicted of DUI in Maryland, then your conviction will be...
I made a report to police while i was totally drunk how do i report now that i am sober
A person already has a warrant for his arrest but its due my report being drunk
I would just call up the same phone number and ask to clarify your report. There is no law against being drunk, unless...
I was drunk last night i called the cops on my boyfriend domestic related, I want to drop the charges. Can I get in trouble??
We resolved our problems, am I able to b charged with filing a false police report???
Since you filed one you can be liable for its lack of veracity and the People are within their rights to pursue the...
What is DUI court??
My son has a DUI conviction hanging over him.His plea deal involves attending DUI court? Does this ensure no jail time ,as this is his 2nd offense.
DUI court is a new innovation in our courts. Basically, it is for second offenders and gives them a way to avoid a...
I have been enrolled in the ARD program in PA due to a dui. I refused the BAC and received a year suspension of license in PA.
I live in DE and have a DE License. Will my license in DE be suspended?
It very will could be. Typically the states have an agreement to report license suspensions to each other. So, PA will...
I got a dui in PA. I live in DE and have a DE license. My license in PA is suspended for 14 months. Can I drive in DE?
I am in the ARD program, but lost license for 1 year due to BAC refusal
The Pennsylvania ARD program results in a dismissal if successfully completed. PA, last I checked, does not report...