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Over the weekend I was charged with dui in New Jersey. I have a hearing this Thursday and was wondering how I should plead. I plan on getting an attorney but I won't have one at the time of the hearing. Also I was wondering what kind of fines I can expect with this being my first offense? My main concern is license suspension. I am trying to avoid that at all cost. I live in Delaware and possess a Delaware license. This is also my first time ever being in trouble with the law. Thank you in advance for your time and advice.
There is no way a competent attorney can tell you to plead or not to plead without looking at the evidence first.
I then took the the breath test and was over the legal limit I was given the paperwork to appear in court and I was allowed to go home,what are my chances and what is the best way to plea
Well you were given a citation for DUI. You should plead not guilty at any arraignment or court appearance and hire an...
Nov. 2013 got arrested for DUI charges were lowered or dropped so that I could get in the first offenders program. Completed the classes and now doing the interlock device in my car till Dec. 2014 then I willl have a valid license. I work in education can I continue and is it possible to get it expunged in Delaware. I heard it wasn't. Also, do you know what it would say on my background check. Thanks
Your criminal history will show that you were arrested for DUI, and that is was resolved by the FOP program. My...
If someone gets ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in Pennsylvania, does Delaware honor the 30 day suspension of license?
I need more facts. The ARD relates to a Pa offense and only affects the privilege to drive in Pa. It should not be...
If someone gets ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in Pennsylvania, does Delaware honor the 30 day suspension of license? Thank you.
It may depend on what state you're licensed in. You may want to consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney and...
In Jan 2010, a man was drunk driving & running from police, shooting & all. He damaged all 3 of my vehicles. I had to junk one, pay for another out of pocket & my Camaro sat. His insurance wouldn't cover until they had his car- AFTER the trial, assuring me they'd cover/reimburse all my expenses. Well, they didn't & my insurance wouldn't cover the damage at that time. I still waited it out/fought with his company to no avail. It's now been 3 years & they refuse. The Detective handling the case told me to sue the driver personally for the damages. He said he has all of the documentation I will need to do so. Can I sue him? How long is the statute of limitations? It happened in city limits & I now live in Elkton MD. What are my options? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Yes you can sue. I am not sure of the statue of limitations for property damage in Delaware, but in Illinois it is 5 years.
He has in the meantime gone to a 5 month alcohol rehab and has done programs in DE also but they keep telling him we did the wrong ones. We would settle for interloch if that would get him driving. It seems since it was in NJ that is the problem
What is delaware DMV telling you specifically? In general, if you satisfy the nj requirements for reinstatement that...