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Is an ARD-DUI considered a conviction of a traffic violation?
I completed the ARD program 6 years ago and got my criminal record expunged. I am in the process of answering some questions for employment and they are: "Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor? "Have you ever been convicted of a traffic violation? How should I answer these question?
The answer to the first question, is "no" since Ian ARD disposition means that there was no conviction with regard to...
Is an ARD-DUI considered a conviction of a traffic violation if it's on the individual drivers record?
I completed the ARD program 6 years ago and got my criminal record expunged. When I pull my individual drivers record it shows ARD DUI vehicle code :A3802B. When asked the question on an employment application "Have you ever been convicted of a traffic violation? ", how should I answer the question?
If the only thing that is showing is what you have indicated, that is not a traffic violation, that is a misdemeanor....
ARD Program & background checks?
I was recently admitted into the Montgomery County ARD program following a DUI case. I have been making my payments and have been following all of the terms and conditions of the program. I am currently in my senior year of college and am looking for internships opportunities. My question is will ARD show up on background checks while I am in the program? Also, since ARD is not an admission of guilt or conviction, can employers use this against me? Please advise.
The offense will show up as an open charge until you complete the program. ARD programs are different county from...
Need assistance with traffic court and dui 2nd. Who is best for this?
Can pay 700 retainer to start.
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
What will happen at my ARD hearing?
This week I will be attending my ARD hearing for a DUI in Montgomery County. I have completed All the pre-conditions (Saftey school, CRN, Community service) and will have my license with me ready to turn in. The only condition I will not have completed is payment of my costs and fees. Based on the fact I completed everything else, would the court allow me to be accepted into ARD and then put me on a payment plan for my fees? I'm not sure if this would hurt my chances of getting admitted into ARD
Usually they will allow you to go on a payment plan.
Do you have to go to a Pre-trial conference if you have been conditionally approved for A.R.D?
I am scheduled for a Pre-trial conference on December 10th for a D.U.I, however today I finally recieved a letter from the DA's office saying that I have been approved for A.R.D conditionally and I have a court date Febuary 24th. Does this mean I do not have to attend my Pre-trial conference since I have been trensferred to ARD court?
Yes. Missing a mandatory hearing could be deemed cause for removal from ard. A judges order is required for entry into...
What will happen at Pre-trial conference for a DUI/ARD case?
I am being charged with a first offense DUI (High rate of alcohol) and underage drinking. I have applied for ARD after my preliminary hearing and am still awaiting a decision. I have received a notice to appear for a pre-trial Conference but I still did not receive an ARD decision. Within this time, I completed CRN evaluation as well as a complete D&A assessment and do not need any treatment. What should I expect to happen at the Pre-trial conference? Will my case go to trial even though I am still awaiting an ARD decision?
You should hire a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you and negotiate the most favorable result possible....