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In nj does police not have to tell you the results of breathalyzer test?
Got pulled over had 4 beers from 430 until 9:30 I passed all roadside checks but was brought in for breathalizer. I got a DWI but they refused to give me the results.
The procedure requires that the police give you a copy of the alcohol results from the tests. You should hire an...
I received a summons for DUI on Friday September 4th.
I have a court date of September 17th. It was my first offense. What can I expect?
The 17th is your first appearance. Nothing is going to happen other than the judge telling you what the fines and...
My ex lives in PA and got a DUI in NJ. His license is going to be suspended there. Will it also be suspended in PA?
I don't have all the details yet but from what he's telling me his license is suspended in NJ for 7 months. Will that also apply to PA? I'm concerned for many reasons ... him getting to/from work, our children, custody, etc. Thank you for your information.
Only a PA lawyer could answer your question so it would be wise to post this question in PA, however even with a PA...
I am not guilty of a DUI yet my lawyer told me to take Reckless Driving, but now tells me not to.
Never arrested. I skid on the snow and a trooper came out. He searched me & took a legal prescription for pain off me then got a DRE. Both lied and said I was impaired. The video and 911 call shows I was not. I did not know I didn't have to give urine. Of course my medication came up. My lawyer told me to take Reckless Driving. I said I'm not guilty,Now he's telling me I should go to trial since I'm innocent - but he already told me that judge always finds everyone guilty. He said he would be committing legal malpractice if he advised me to plead guilty.People say he's playing games. All I want is the truth. How much do lawyers charge to take over? Is there any honest places to report corrupt troopers and judge.
You got a positive for medication that says you can't drive while on that medication? Any plea that gets rid of a DUI...
Can you get a cdl license in new jersey if you've had 2 dui's?
If you have had 2 dui's can you get a cdl in new jersey?
There is no easy answer to this. If you had a CDL when you got your second, then they would permanently take it away....
I had false DUI charges put on me. During my 911 call, my voice was clear. They said they can't find it
My lawyer has had months and did not get the 911 call. They sent a letter they can't locate it. Lawyer said it's better not to get because it has to go through Prosecutor and will 'tip him off'. I don't trust this theory, I think they didn't act to do their job. Can someone advise me of the truth, and how I can obtain the 911 call? thank you
This is a very difficult question to help with. You have a lawyer and in a perfect world you should be having a...
Will they arrest me at work for not paying my DUI fine?
I was issued a warrant for not being able to pay my DUI fine, I just got the notice I have a warrant today, I'm putting 400$ on it tomorrow, its 764$ will they come and arrest me at work , or if I call and explain my situation and put the 400$ will they allow me back on payment plan and drop the warrant?
You can be sure that if you DON'T call and try to fix this you will be subject to arrest when found. Whether they come...