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My charges has nothing to do with drugs and I have no records of drugs or any kind. Will I be drug tested at my PTI interview?
I've never been charged with any thing and have no record. Judge signed off for me to pay back an certain amount and PTI for 2 years or when I pay money back.
In General when you go into the PTI program you agree to be drug free. Thus in general you are tested. The tests are...
In nj does police not have to tell you the results of breathalyzer test?
Got pulled over had 4 beers from 430 until 9:30 I passed all roadside checks but was brought in for breathalizer. I got a DWI but they refused to give me the results.
The procedure requires that the police give you a copy of the alcohol results from the tests. You should hire an...
Caught driving with a suspended license for dui in New jersey.
I'm not a bad person. Please don't berate me because I know it was wrong. I'm 46 years old, mom and a nurse and have NEVER been in trouble in my life. 2 months ago I made a horrific mistake drinking and driving mistake and hit a parked car. Went to court. Lawyer got me 3 months suspension. I had like 6 weeks left of suspended license. Today I got pulled over driving to work. I know it's wrong. But what can I say? I'm a single mom and I was driving to work. My main concern is jail time. If I get jail time I'm going to lose my job and kids. My life will be hopeless. Is there anyway that can help me. In Gloucester county, NJ
Yes a lawyer can help you but if your looking to stay out of jail, you need a good lawyer and something close to a...
Is NJ any closer to offering a work permit that will allow for those convicted of DUI.
I am in the middle of my 10 year license suspension for my 3rd DUI. I was semtemeced in July 2011. So I am not eligible for a liscense unitl 2021. I wanted to see if there was any way to get back on the road sooner or if NJ is considering a work permit.
Every year something comes up in the legislature to do this, but nothing is available as of now for you.
When can u do a drug retest for dfy
Failed drug. Test
Not really sure what your asking. If you think a test resulted in a false positive you should immediately go have your...
Privacy violation - HIPAA, Lab sharing patient names and what type of test receiving at lab.
I have been to a local lab to have blood work for both my minor son and I. Both times, there was a sign in sheet (no receptionist). Next to the sign in sheet was a list of all appointments that day and what each person was having done such as drug test or routine bloodwork. I mentioned the first time when I was there with my son that I had an issue as he is a minor and the reason he is at the lab is provate, however they said it was not my issue. I went to the same lab this past week due to my insurance I have to use thi slab and they are still practicing the same sign in with a list of patients for the day and what they are being tested for. Is this ground for a HIPAA violation complaint?
Sounds like it to me (for example, see here: http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/faq/199/may-health-care-...
I have a conditional charge, paid all my fines but failed to complete my some of my drug tests (I'm clean). What can happen?
I was pulled over and had some friends in the car. When searched, they found drug paraphenalia (a bong) in the car. I was conditionally charge with possession of drug paraphenalia and put on probation and have 5 drug tests done. I paid all my fees and fines and had only one of the tests done. I lost my job and could not afford to have the other ones done because I didn't have the money. I just started a new job and can start having them done as soon as I start getting paid, but the judge wants to drop the conditional and give me the charge. What's going to happen? I don't want it to affect my new job. I told him I was willing to do the tests now that I work. I have court today at 2pm (EST). Can someone tell me what to do and/or say?
You need to immediately get yourself a good lawyer. The judge will see that you're serious about the case and give your...