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What should i expect from my DUI?
It is my first offense, i crashed my car into a telephone pole, i likely had a high BAC, I also was put on the PWOV program a couple years ago for a different situation, will this affect my eligibility for ARD?
Your prior criminal incident may put ARD in jeopardy. Unfortunately every county in Pennsylvania is different. You...
Will I get charged with a dui if I wasn’t arrested or taken to get blood drawn?
I was in a hit and run. When they found me at my buddy’s house I was only giving a breathalyzer and wasn’t arrested or taken for blood work.will I get charged with both a dui and hit and run or just a hit and run?
You just admitted to committing a very serious crime. SAY NOTHING more on this or any other public website. Do NOT...
Will I go to jail for my first dui?
I was driving home with my girlfriend and I got pulled over for tailgating
I cannot give you a definitive answer, but most likely no. If this is your first criminal offense you should be...
Am I eligible for the ignition interlock system in the state of Pennsylvania
Plead guilty to dui, General Impairment on 08/04/2017. This is my first offense. I received no driver's license suspension as a result of the dui conviction. I am about to start a 12 month driving privilege suspension on 10/06/2017 for refusing blood analysis at the time of my arrest. Am I eligible for the ignition interlock immediately upon suspension?
You can find your answer on one of the pages linked here: http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Information-Centers/Suspensions/Pages/...
What is my friend looking at while being pulled over on DUI suspension?
My friend was driving my car because I was extremely sick an throwing up. He for pulled over for speeding. The cop was nice and my friend was completely honest an told him he is on DUI suspension. He's in a halfway house right now living. What is the charges or jail time he's looking at?
The sentence for a 1543B - Driving Under Suspension for a DUI related suspension - is 60 to 90 days in jail, $1000 fine...
Are there ways around jail time in a second DUI case?
I received my 2nd DUI in 2015 and the case has been pending since. I was trying to negotiate a plea to avoid the mandatory 90 days incarceration, since I have a well paying job, independent living and significantly improved my life since the DUI incident. I cannot afford an attorney and i believe my court appointed attorney is not representing me to the best of her abilities. How likely is a judge to agree to a sentence like house arrest in place of the incarceration?
Unfortunately it is very much at the judge's discretion. Although you do not have private counsel, the public defender...
Can a University withdraw an offer of employment because of a past misdemeanor DUI conviction?
I received a misdemeanor DUI conviction in NY state 2 years ago. NY does not expunge records. I pled guilty, completed all that was asked of me, attended classes, paid all fines. It was a horrible, life-changing experience. I'm still mortified. I now live in Pennsylvania, and recently interviewed for a job at a college. While on campus, I met with a HR representative who went over benefits and I saw that a post-offer background check would be conducted. I did not disclose my conviction at that time. I've recently been offered the position. I don't feel comfortable resigning from my current job if the college will withdraw the offer of employment. Before accepting should I verbally disclose my conviction?
This question is really more about employment law. You should contact an attorney familiar with that area of law. Good luck!