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Can I renew my license in my home state if I have an out of state warrant for dui?
Hello, I was arrested for a CDL dui in Pennsylvania (not my home state) in 2006 and never went back for court. In 2009 i renewed my license without any problems.Now my license is up for renewal again. What should I expect to happen at the DMV in Massachusetts when I try to renew? If they find out about the warrant will I get arrested? Since it went through in 2009, could my license renewal request now go through too? is there a statute of limitations? Will this ever go away? Thank You
Warrants never expire. Rather than worrying about your license, why not deal with the warrant in PA. Retain a local...
I nodded off at the wheel,failed field sobriety test /scored 0.02 on alcohol test. Offered police to do blood test, they refused
War veteran with head injury which prevents me from ever passing field sobriety test. Have trouble sleeping and do sometimes nod off.have legally prescribed ambien but had not taken in days. Had one pill in Baggie in car. Police stated "white residue " with it looked like cocaine. Did not test it. Charged me with OUI alcohol and having class b and c ambien and cocaine. What could/should I really be charged with? Also, have court date of 7/7/14 and have been terminated by my employer, the VA without even a trial yet ....
I highly suggest you contact an attorney experienced in dealing with prosecutors. Sounds like the police were reaching...
Should my parents come to court with me?
Hi, I'm a college student (18) and I just got in trouble for underage drinking. Would it make any difference if my parents showed up to court, or would it be useless since I am a legal adult?
Some judges in Worcester county actually require parents. Typically it is not the case. I think it's always better to...
How will I know if underage drinking charges will be filed against me?
My friend and I were stopped by two undercover cops on the street the other night with beer in our hands. We cooperated fully and they told us that it would not be a big deal at all and that it would be nothing more than a speeding ticket would be and that it would not go on our records. I have done research and it seems like sometimes charges are not even filed in cases where there was full cooperation because the cops don't want to deal with the paper work or testifying. How will I know whether or not they have chosen to file charges?
If no identification was sought from you, then they won't know who you are. If they took your IDs and did some...
What is my best option?
I was convicted of a 2nd dui in 2005 in NJ, as a minor. I now live in MA and am trying to take care of all fines and surcharges which I thought had been resolved in 2006. I was sentenced to IRDC for 48 hours but was told I could receive like treatment here in MA. However, the MA programs for DUI are much different and lengthier than NJ. How would that work out if I chose to cover the treatment here?
This is a question best suited for a NJ attorney. Re-post in the NJ forum to get better answers.
If I get convicted of a dwai in new York for blowing below the legal limit of .08 will my license still be suspended in mass
I have a mass license and was recently pulled over in new York and given a dwai ticket (although I have not been charged yet) will my license in mass be suspended if I do get charged? Even though they don't have dwai laws?
The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will treat the NY offense of DWAI just like a Massachusetts DUI. This is...
On Probation from an O.U.I. I plan to fly out of state. If I inform my Prob. officer can the probation be noticed at airport?
My family and I have a vacation planned to fly out of state. I'm keeping my probation a secret from one of the people I'm traveling with. If I told the Prob. officer the plan and received permission, is it brought out at the airport? If I do not inform the Prob. officer, will it be noticed at airport? What if I do not have permission for Prob. officer? I can not have it shown during my trip! I plan on speaking with the lawyer from my case. My probation can not be noticed from someone that's going with me!!
You won't have any problem flying wishin US You will not be able to get into Canada