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i was recently arrested for a 3rd dui in ky what am i looking at. ive been offered 6 months
You should be looking for an experienced criminal/DUI defense attorney in your home state. I practice in Illinois, and...
Individual was arrested for DUI while in Florida but resides in KY. Court case is pending and individual has plead not guilty. No children or minors in car, no injuries. First DUI offense. Will individual loose their driving rights interstate? Does the court generally give jail town for out of state offenders? Offense occurred in Marion County, Florida.
If it went on your record, yes Kentucky will get notice of conviction and will apply it.
This case has been over 21 years ago.
As a practical matter, after 21 years, it is final.
This is in the state of KY and they draw blood where i am from which I had done.
A court appointed attorney can do anything a privately retained attorney can. Stay in close contact with your attorney...
I live in KY.
In Texas, I have seen a DWI reduced to a Interference of Police Investigation for refusal. If the facts against you...
My son who lived in Louisville Kentucky at the time got a DUI (after two beers), the officer said she pulled him over for speeding even though we know that wasn't the case since he is very very particular about speeding, it has & will never happen with him he is adamant about not speeding. He had just left to head home after a couple beers with friends and was cited for drunk driving. There was something not right about this case and we hired a layer but he did absolutely nothing. In any case he was working had no car & money was very scarce. We were not aware he wasn't able to attend classes, now he's home. He will be working shortly & is going back to school next semester. Please tell us what we need to do next & how to get this case closed & his license back. Thank You!
It sounds like his case was already concluded so all the arguments about whether he was actually speeding or drunk...