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I was given breath test and passed but the cop tried two more on different machines till he found one that showed over.
After giving me three test the cop finally found one that would show me over the limit and now I have a dui. Is this legal to be given test till some thing shows?
When you say you "have a DUI," do you mean you've been charged, or that you've already been convicted? In either...
My convenience store was hit by a drunk driver. Do I need a lawyer? The driver has the same insurance company as I do.
Major wall damage, loss of equipment, Loss of sale due to closure.
Good question, tough answer. It depends on whether the insurance company will do what the contracting to do. That...
What would i need to do to get a drivers license in oregon if i was convicted of a DUI in california 4 years ago?
I never finished my classes but i did jail time and payed my fines!
Assuming you are now in fact an Oregon resident, your best bet is to visit a full-service Oregon DMV with proof of that...
I am on post prison supervision in Oregon and i got a DUI while traveling in CA.Will my supervision be revoked and sent to penn?
the DUI I got is a misdemeanor, I hit a unoccupied parked car.I had permission to travel and I was cited and released from jail in CA and reported the arrest to my P.O. immediately upon return to Oregon.I haven't had any police contact or violations in the 9 months I've been on post prison supervision.waiting for my P.O. to get back in the office but I am expecting her to arrest me.
You'll want to talk to an OR attorney about whether you will be revoked. I'd also advise you to contact a CA DUI...
I had a DUI in 1987 but why can I not find any record of it?
I am doing a background check for a new job and although I have done many of these without a problem, this one is requiring I give exact dates. I don't remember this and when I called the Courthouse they had no record, I don't come up in PACER and I even paid to do several online background checks and nothing. If I cant come up with the right dates it might cost me the job. Why can I not find a record of this anywhere?
You could be the luckiest guy in the world... Maybe it disappeared! Unfortunately, DUIIs in Oregon are on your record...
In Oregon, is a third duii conviction a mandatory life time license suspension?
I just want to get it cleared up, I am shocked about the lifetime suspension aspect. I will save other questions for another time.Thanks,Doug
Yes, in Oregon the suspension for someone's third conviction for a duii is a lifetime suspension - meaning you cannot...
I have a lifetime suspension in oregon do to dui. if i complete alcohol classes can i ever get my drivers license back?
I was sent to prison for 30 months felony DUI, if my classes are completed can i get a license in Oregon or any other states?
In Oregon you can apply for a license after 10 years, but you will have to petition the court to restore your driving...