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Im HTV traffic and dws stuff, 3 dui in Indiana. Does new law apply to me somehow? It excludes licenses suspensions I read???
I use to have a serious drug and alcohol problem. I got 3 dui last one ten yrs ago. After that I got two or three driving while suspended. All d felonys, I was sober with insurance, I went prison 3 yrs flat for this did time all of it. Havent drove since this was six yrs ago. haven't drank since :) haven't drugged :) can someone please help me. Ive done everything completed yr long treatment program six yrs ago and followed the rules since. Is their hope of my past and license ever goin away? My parents both sick need my help now. Which im doin but, they been drivin. They both getting worse I fear what will happen how am I suppose to b help. I also just came out of liver treatment, which a lot like chemo. Worst thing that ever happened to me .I tryin go back to work, no one will hire.
Under Indiana Code 35-38-9-2, 4, 5, an individual with a current or pending license suspension is not eligible for an...
My son was arrested for OWI endangerment, this is the first time he has ever been arrested. He is 22
When he was pulled over the officer never said why he was pulling him over. Asked if he had been drinking, my son said a few, he then made him do several sobriety test and breath test. Officer said he blew a .12 handcuffed him and took him to jail. We bailed him out ($755.00). My son asked when he got to the jail why he was pulled over he was told he had a brake light out. The officer never said a word about a brake light. His court date is set in one week, the ticket just says OWI endangerment. Is this a Class A or Class C misdemeanor? Should I seek an attorney. Something does not seem right about this stop.
Yes. You should seek an attorney. Find a local criminal defense attorney. Most will not charge for first visit....
Can statement from an intoxicated person be used in court if the person is a witness or victom
can a victon under the influence of alcohaul or drugs makes a statement to the police and can that statement be used in court.
If the police followed appropriate procedures then it is likely usable. A person has to be intoxicated to the state of...
End probation early or interstate transfer?
My son was convicted of felony DUI when he was at fault in accident causing one death. He was only 20 and had never been in trouble. He has been on probation in Ca for 4 years with no problems. He wants to move to Indiana to live with us and attend collage. Would his chances be better if he tries to end probation early, or attempt to transfer probation. He has not completed all community service as they did not process the paperwork for almost a year. He does 20 hours a week and has for a couple of years.
In order to transfer his probation from California, he would have to go through the Interstate Compact (now formally...
Do I have to get out of my vehicle at a DUI checkpoint if I will not answer any questions & will not submit to a FST?
If I cannot satisfy the officer, asking questions that I refuse to answer, of my sobriety, & will not submit to a field sobriety test, Do I have to get out of my car, if he says to?
Most times an officer does not ask you to get out of the car it is not a question it is a command. I would say that if...
I have a 10 year suspension dui on my drivers license. There is a new law where I can get it back, but not with a b.a.c. refusal
I did not refuse. I have the police report. In one paragraph in states my blood alcohol level and in the very next it states that I refused. This doesn't make sense. I have gone 4 1/2 years on my 10 year suspension and I no longer drink.
Do you have a question? You can ways seek a specialized driving privilege to get you mobile
I have a DUI 21 years ago and one 12 years ago can I get these expunged. Judged misdemeanors and all request fulfilled
No damage was done, no one hurt one read BAC.08 the other I believe was a 1.01
Expungement is a procedure governed by state law. I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed,...