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After Im done with probation, will I still have to get an interlock in my car to get my license back?
I got an extreem dui 2 years ago with 2 kids in the car.
Was there a court order for an Interlock device? If so, how long was the order for. Generally speaking, a Judge would...
Arrested for dui,with forced refusal, next day, No ticket ,No mug shots,No finger printing No 30 day impounding. What happened?
I was lied to on camera by the police officer about how the the dui refusal worked. Then after I questioning him on his lies, I still waiting to see if something comes in the mail? What will happen Now????
Good question. Probably the only one who can answer your question is the AZ police officers involved. Occasionally,...
I got a fue druge charges and a dui charge in az when i moved thar how can i i go salving this and get my licens back
i move back to nc when i got the charges because my family and saw i was going off the deep end it was my first time goveing somewere by my self and i could not handel it alone after my dad died wile i was out thar i would like to get my drives licences back it has been over 2 years and i have not got into any truble sence
You should hire an Arizona lawyer to help you resolve this. Under Arizona law, a conviction for DUI requires a jail...
Was arrested on dui in Utah 16yrs ago never went to court. Utah dmv had block on license. Anyway just found out case was closed
Is there a reason it was closed after so many yrs. and if so dmv should drop block too?I also have another 14 yrs ago in az will that 1 close by itself as well eventually or since out of state if got a lawyer plea bargain possible. Never went to arraignment on either case. But az still has an interstate license hold but utahs dropped for whatever reason.
Depends on what is going on. CALL Utah DMV to see why the hold is still on your license and how to get it off.
Can Arizona require me to have an interlock installed, even though I've never had an AZ license? Nor am I a resident?
I received a DUI in AZ and Arizona has suspended my license for 3 years. I have never been issued an Arizona license. Michigan is not requiring me to have the interlock installed. 3 the year suspension is over and all fines and fees are paid.
Yes, you committed a crime in AZ, they can follow what their law requires.
I was recently given an MIC outside a house at a party, but never went through any tests or breathalyzers. I did not admit to it
any way to fight this?
There are always options when it comes to defending a criminal case. I would strongly encourage you to contact an...
Does my friend need an attorney?
She was pulled over for a DUI in Arizona sept 2013. They arrested her and charged her with extreme dui. She has already completed her punishment for that and now a year later they are charging her with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. She had a tiny pipe in her middle console with just a little less than what it takes to fill a tiny pipe of marijuana. First time offender and cannot afford anything else.
Yes your friend needs an attorney for the matter