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Can I have a "2nd dui in 2 yrs" conviction amended/corrected?
Charged with a second dui within 2 yrs (and pled guilty on a plea agreement. The offense took place June 2014. During a chemical dependency assessment, realized the prior dui charge took place Dec, 2010 (not within 2 yrs). Somehow nobody, including myself, caught this. Can this be amended/corrected?
If this happened in MN the look back period is 10 years not 2. Thus, the result would be the same.
What is a likely sentence for a 4th degree dwi misdemeanor in Washington County, Minnesota.
For some of those who practice law in Washington County, Minnesota... What is a likely sentence for a first time 4th degree DWI with a .13 BAC and no priors. I have heard many things from other peoples families with multiple outcomes. Some have 100+ hours of community service but no probation, another had formal probation with no community service and a relative from another county had neither; A MADD meeting and a 1 day class. My lawyer has an opinion on the matter, but I have court Thursday and want to prepare for all outcomes... I can't sleep at night so I thought maybe someone could express their opinions. Worst case scenario is Jail for 90 days which im told they rarely do but could. I'm prepared for the worst case scenario.......
I am not licensed in Minnesota, but there are two points to share. No attorney can precisely predict what will happen,...
If my husband got a dwi, can I purchase a car in my name only and not have to put whiskey plates on it
If my husband got a dwi do I have to put whiskey plates on a car that I purchase and title in my name only?
Yes so long as you put it in your name only. However, more information is needed as to whether you plan on trading in...
After a DWI when am I eligible to get my license back?
My first DWI, I blew a .13 and I have no priors if that matters. Does the 90 days start AFTER my court hearing, or was it when my license was clipped. I know I have to do some other required tests to apply for a license and I know I have to wait until the court process is over with. I'm just wondering when I will be eligible for my license again...
Call DMV and ask what date you can get your license back.
I received a DWI ticket in Minnesota in 06, my 1st. Why is it showing as a Felony on my record? Should it not be a misdemeanor
BAC was .09, I fulfilled my obligations of classes and unsupervised 2 years probation. Now 9 years later it shows up as a class 4 Felony on a background check. There was no accident just pulled over and issued field sobriety. Went to court, paid my fees and reinstatement fee.
Sounds like you were without counsel, unfortunately. Anyhow, there is no such thing as a class 4 felony in MN. This...
Can I call the prosecutor in my case myself? I will not be hiring a lawyer and I would like to ask him a few questions.
I cannot afford a lawyer and won't even try. Moving on. I was charged with a DWI after crashing my car in a guard rail in a parking lot. I blew a .13. My initial appearance is on April 2nd. Can I plea guilty at that appearance and talk to the prosecutor in person? That's question 1. Question 2, do I call him for a copy of the police report? Question 3. I would like to be proactive about this and make it as painless as possible. There is a mandatory chemical assessment test to get my license back and im assuming it would be helpful to bargain with him if I had completed one and was found not chemically dependent. Can I talk to him about where I may find these services? I will be attending a MADD meeting. Assuming I can talk to the prosecutor, will it look favorable for my initial appearance
You are already starting off asking many questions. You will likely just have many more. Get an attorney on the case...
I was charged with a dwi after I hit a metal guard rail in a parking lot. What can I expect in court?
I was being really stupid when I entered a McDonalds parking lot, I took a turn I take very often going faster then I thought and hit a metal guard rail. There was no damage to the guard rail. No one was near me when I did this and no one was in the parking lot. I blew a .13 and was released to a family member without being "booked" What can I expect in court? I just want to do what I need to do to rectify my mistake. I really don't like the idea of probation because I just want this to be over with and probation strings it along 1...2...3.. years or whatever it is.
There are a number of things you can do to improve your situation, both with the criminal charges and as it relates to...