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My mother is not computer savy and we don't know where to start. She was charged with a DUI March 4th, for a legally prescribed Fentanyl pain patch she hadn't used in over 24 hours. Upon arrest, her vehicle was searched, towed to a private residence (not hers, the tow truck drivers private residence), and gone through. They have also suspended her drivers license, though the case is open. She is a caretaker for my elderly grandparents ranch, I live in NY and am not in a position to be in Arizona. These are the charges. It is being charged as a traffic violation rather than criminal according to the AZ public access site. S000000000097449 1 DUI LIQUOR/DRUGS/VAPORS 1ST S000000000097449 2 DUI DRUG LISTED IN 13-3401 OR METABOLITE 1ST Nothing illegal found during vehicle search.
See if you can find an attorney near her to work on her case. Even though you have a prescription you can still be...
took second Breathalyzer and passed then was told his case was under review and they would go to his home and give him citation. Was given a mandatory fingerprint form. What do we do now? Will he have a felony? This was 3 business days ago and haven't heard anything yet.
Possession of Marijuana is a class 6 felony in Arizona. DUI is a misdemeanor. However, it would be charged as...
the officer let him leave with a different driver, and did not get him on the lack of interlock, what could he be facing when he goes in front of a judge? could judge also get him for no interlock? and what could fines be an could there be jail time?
He could definitely be facing jail time, especially if he is still on probation for the prior DUI and if his license is...
i was arrested for Dui for my prescribed medication. Dui to the slightest degree, and open container. The original arresting police officer never filed a report. I have asthma, so they drew blood. Neither the police report or lab work was back by the time of my hearing.
Have you talked with the DA? I presume that you were charged, or there wouldn't have been a hearing. Are you just...
Is there automatic jail time if I received a DUI with a BAL of .229/.219 and have prior DUI charges 4 years & older with fines owed and not paid on.
Super extreme with a prior is mandatory 6 months jail.
I was at fault in a car accident when I turned down the wrong side of a road and before I could correct front ended a vehicle. No injuries. Submitted both breathalyzer and blood. Breathalyzer was .167/.155. Had drinks, ate, as well as took prescription drugs over course of 8 hrs. Paperwork reads extreme DUI/impaired to slightest/DUI .08 or above. The blood test is pending. What is the best course of action and potential outcome?
If you are in a car accident, are driving and driving, and end up on a head on collision with another car because you...
i have a conviction for dui already from 2009. this would be my first felony charges ever.
These are serious charges which could lead to 4 months of incarceration and years of probation. I assume you have an...