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Can a vehicle's faulty steering have any bearing on a DUI case?
The officer investigating me for DUI notes in his narrative that my vehicle was drifting from right to left of center. I don't believe it was, but I'd like to question the possibility of steering problems being a factor. He also said I was unsteady on my feet exiting my vehicle. I have a drivers side door that won't stay open w/out closing shut unless it is propped open ( in my case, with my foot, as I am exiting). Please advise.
Yes, the steering component does have some bearing on your case. The state must prove your driving was "impaired" from...
Understanding BAC readings.
A Police Department Supplemental Report concerning DUI charges against me states: The analysis of the blood specimen showed it to contain 0.184 grms of ethanol per 100 mL (exactly as it is typed) of blood. How do I understand, or interpret, this in terms relative to .08?
,08 assumes impairment. Your is .18. You will probably be charged with extreme DUI as the BAC is over .15.
How will I be notified of my date to appear in court for DUI charges? If my blood test comes back negative, will I be notified?
I was charged with a DUI of which I did not receive any paper work, whatsoever. It has been one month, and ten days since. How should I expect to be notified of my court date? If my blood test comes back negative, will I be notified?
A summons would be sent to the address the police got from you when you were arrested. If no alcohol or drugs were...
DUI charges enhanced?
I am being charged with DUI here in AZ., haven't been to court yet. I have a misdemeanor warrant for Domestic Abuse (against my brother) in Kansas City, KS., going back to 2011. Can the outstanding warrant "Enhance" the DUI charge? I have been told by the Police Dept. here that I won't be extradited to Kansas for the warrant. In light of the DUI charges will that change ?
No, there is no enhancement of a DUI charge here for an outstanding warrant in Kansas.
Can police detain an innocent passenger to wait for drug sniffing dog (+1 hr) if driver of the vehicle is arrested for DUI?
I'm writing a book and need it to be factually accurate/realistic. Say 2 people are in a car. The owner of the vehicle is riding passenger; a friend is driving. They are pulled over for minor traffic violation (not stopping behind white lines at stop sign, turning into far lane, etc), & issued a warning. Then officer decides to give driver sobriety test. Driver fails and is arrested. Passenger isn't asked to do sobriety test. Passenger has valid license/owns the car. Passenger refuses to consent to vehicle search and is detained to wait for drug dog for over an hour. Is this considered unlawful detainment? Would evidence be admissible in court if narcotics were found?
It depends on lots of facts, most of which are not related to whether the passenger was lawfully detained. The real...
Are field sobriety tests admissible in Arizona Courts for people seventy years old?
I have hand tremors and COPD. I was charged with DUI recently.
Arizona law says that they are admissible, but they will have very little weight. In fact the instructions in them...
Do I have a good chance of beating a DUI charge if the AZ. DOT has sent me misinformation regarding my case?
I was falsely charged with DUI. After leaving a local bar, I pulled out of a parking lot that had a pothole in the driveway, I also have steering problems, consequently causing my vehicle to weave as I was entering the highway. I had gotten no more than half block when I was suddenly being tailed by a local policeman. I had had three drinks in the club, so I had at least a buzz, not drunk. I was aware the cop was about to do something, so I pulled into the next street, just to avoid traffic on a busy street. I had a neighbor with me and my dog as well. The officer asks me, very aggressively "how much have you had to drink"? I told him honestly, about three beers. He then gave me the horizontal pen light test, and the breathalyzer test. I passed both tests. He then told me that he was going to impound my car, and take me to the Hospital to provide a blood test. We did so, and he took me home (across the street), but that's not all! Today, eight days later I received two corrective action notifications from AZDOT, telling me my license has been suspended effective 01/24/2016 to (date eligible to end action) 01/24/2017. After calling them they said my license was in
Hello and thank you for your question. To start, the attorneys on here are not in a position to know whether you can...